Contemporary Beach House Fuses Interior and Exterior Living

Casa a Ravas by Martin Gomez Arquitectos

Contemporary Beach House Fuses Interior and Exterior Living

This contemporary beach house will be of relevance to anyone who is interested in architecture that is designed specifically to maximize the fusion between interior and exterior living spaces.  It is ideally located in Punta del Est, Uruguay.  Completed in 2008, this project was designed by Martin Gomez Arquitectos. 


A contemporary beach house designed for relaxing in

  Contemporary Beach House Fuses Interior and Exterior Living

The ‘Casa a Raves’ was clearly designed to maximize access to the fresh air, and for a family to gain full benefit from this lovely coastal location.  It is perhaps one of the most open plan houses that you are likely to see with minimal barriers between the inside and outside living spaces.  It is clear that the architect’s goal was to build a family home designed for relaxation and al fresco living.  The main structure of the contemporary beach house, although built from a sturdy combination of materials including: stone, metal and concrete, has a very light and airy appearance.  The extensive covered terrace, constructed from timber supports and bamboo roof is largely the reason for this.  This structure is made in a traditional coastal style and provides a seamless transition between interior and exterior zones.  The large terrace becomes a sheltered but open area for relaxing and entertaining in, complete with fireplace.  When the expansive glass wall panels of the main house are fully opened, there is absolutely no barrier between the open plan living room and the terrace area.  The next stage beyond the terrace is the luxurious swimming pool where the family may enjoy full exposure to the sunshine but keep comfortable in the cool clear water.

A bright and breezy décor enhances the contemporary beach house

  Contemporary Beach House Fuses Interior and Exterior Living

Visual harmony between the interior and exterior spaces of this contemporary beach house is further exaggerated by the continuity of the decorative scheme.  The casual elegance of the structure is enhanced by the inclusion of cheerful blue and white stripes on kitchen units and exterior walls.  As well as adding a holiday atmosphere to the home, these also echo the linear elements of the main architecture, even the more random stripes of shade cast by the bamboo shades.  The modern terrace furniture looks as though it would be equally comfortable in an interior living and dining room.  It is easy to see how this bright and breezy design scheme, completes the fusion between inside and outside spaces, as the two become one in this enviable contemporary beach house.

Contemporary Beach House Fuses Interior and Exterior Living

Dining room - beach house design

The kitchen of the exotic beach house

The front Porch - Contemporary beach house

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Martin Gomez Arquitectos

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