House La Punta – A Luxurious Minimalist Style Home in Mexico City

Designed by ‘Central De Arquitectura’

The elegant ‘House La Punta’ is a contemporary minimalist style home organized over three floors.  The house is fashionably situated in Bosques de las Lomas, in the western part of Mexico City.  The talented architects ‘Central de Arquitectura’ designed this exciting modern home.  Two rectilinear volumes are placed one on top of the other, resulting in a dramatically cantilevered L-shaped construction.  The minimalist style home is defiantly modern but contrasts most attractively with more classically styled buildings in the area.


An emphasis on uniting interior and exterior spaces is evident and a great deal of attention has been placed on incorporating a tasteful raised patio area into the main structure of this minimalist style home.  This superb outside space continues the theme of angular forms and planes.  However, the luscious planting scheme and tranquil pool areas provide the house with a verdant aspect which imbues the lower floor with a sense of serenity throughout. The more public family rooms are housed at ground level.  These include the kitchen, dining room, a large living room and facilities for outdoor entertaining on the splendid decked area outside.  In this luxurious minimalist style home, the lower rooms all share an open aspect, with glass walls allowing a powerful connection between interior and exterior living.  This is truly a home for luxurious living, to illustrate this point, the basement houses a garage for six cars. It also includes a separate room for the family’s driver and a convenient bathroom next to a spacious games room.

The more private living spaces are situated in an upper level of the minimalist style home.  The rooms here are generous in size, fabulously styled and offer occupants superb views of the surroundings.  All four opulent bedrooms have en suite facilities and luxury decoration schemes, the master bedroom also benefits from a spacious dressing room.  An additional living room and a study provide more than adequate space for the family to enjoy entertaining, relaxing and even working from their minimalist style home .

As you would expect in this minimalist style home, it is furnished simply but tastefully.  There is no space for unnecessary clutter and ample storage is provided to keep the living areas tidy.  The luxury decoration scheme focuses on the wealth of exciting and expensive materials that have been introduced to walls, floors and surfaces. This way a variety of subtle colours, textures and patterns create aesthetic appeal and add vitality to the luxurious interior design.

by Jaz

House La Punta – A Luxurious Minimalist Style Home in Mexico City

Minimalist Style Home in Mexico City

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