Uplifting and Playful Modern Architecture

Modern pool design in Semiramis Hotel

The Semiramis Hotel looks like it will provide a refreshing change from the normal ‘run of the mill’ holiday hotel experience.  It is a visual confection of the brightest most uplifting colors and forms imaginable.  There are no harsh corners, harsh contrasts or jarring lines to disrupt the dreamlike appeal of this building.

Uplifting and Playful Modern Architecture – Semiramis Hotel by Karim Rashid

Modern pool design

Instead the exterior impression is of marshmallow colors and gentle curves. These are intended to envelop and cushion you away from the harsh realities of the real world, at least for the duration of your vacation.  This playful modern architecture embodies a sense of pure escapism appealing to the ‘inner child’ and youthful optimism.

Playful Modern Architecture Influenced by Modern Art

Art interior design in Semiramis hotel

Karim Rashid was the architect responsible for the design of the Semiramis Hotel and this was his first major hotel project.  In fact, the realization of this playful modern architecture was

“…a fusion of Rashid’s influence and Dakis Joannous, the hotel owner’s vision and own dedication to the modern art world.”

This impressive luxury hotel houses 52 exquisitely designed guest rooms and offers the traveler a new intimate alternative to vacationing.  The powerful combination of color and soothing architectural forms generates: positive energy, heightened experiences, and an awareness of contemporary culture as well as the visual arts and design. The elevated location of this delightful hotel provides visitors with welcome relief from the heat and humidity of central Athens.

Historical City is Home to Playful Modern Architecture

Modern architecture design by Karim Rashid

Athens is of course a city well known for its ancient history and romantic relics of architectural splendor, such as those displayed on the breath taking Acropolis. In complete contrast, the playful modern architecture of the Semiramis Hotel celebrates potential architecture trends of the future.

Playful Modern Architecture Design by Karim Rashid

Playful modern architecture

This striking hotel is delightfully situated opposite a serene green park in the affluent Kifissia area of northern Athens.  The creative architecture is a welcoming vision that bears Karim Rashid’s distinctive style signature. Pastel pinks, subtle greens, citrus oranges and gentle yellows are reproduced throughout the interiors.  These appealing hues appear on the coordinating walls, floors, furnishings and fittings.  This harmonious color system generates a revitalizing sense of well being. The use of frosted-glass in bathrooms creates an extra feeling of light and spaciousness within guest rooms.   All the balconies and verandas provide lovely views of the inviting swimming pool or tranquil park.

Semiramis Hotel – Playful Modern Architecture

Latest architecture trends

The bold design of this luxurious hotel is playful but in no way childish.  The subtle colors and smooth undulating forms are the product of a sophisticated concept.  Karim Rashid’s curvaceous architectural forms and ‘lollipop’ color s will no doubt appeal to the younger generation, or even older people with a youthful mind set.   The futuristic design of the Semiramis Hotel blends art seamlessly with modern hotel technology.  Within this stylish setting, “…the educated business or leisure traveler will feel ‘at home’.”    As well as the expected facilities, the hotel also stages a regular exhibition of Fine Art.  The gallery space and exhibits are of the highest quality and will delight art enthusiasts.  So the facade of this playful modern architecture conceals some intriguing secrets and delights.

by Jaz

The Facade of Playful Modern Architecture

Stunning facade of Semiramis hotel in Athens

Guest Room Design in Semiramis Hotel

Modern guest room interior design

Splendid View from Guest Room in Semiramis Hotel

Stylish guest room interior

Uplifting and Playful Modern Architecture in Semiramis Hotel

Uplifting and playful modern architecture by Karim Rashid

 Uplifting and Playful Modern Architecture Design by Karim Rashid

Playful modern architecture by Karim Rashid

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