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‘Laneway Housing’ – Flexible Artists Studio, Vancouver



Modular sustainable architecture house

As part of the City of Vancouver’s bid to develop a sustainable architecture system and a cost effective rental housing stock, they introduced the ‘Laneway Housing Initiative’ in July 2009. This resulted in the construction of ‘Laneway Housing’ to be allowed in certain of Vancouver’s residential neighborhoods.  A ‘Laneway’ house is a detached dwelling typically located in the garage area of a-family home.  This must face the lane or road and have sufficient backyard space in the rear. The City of Vancouver states that there must be sufficient parking space for at least one vehicle in front of a ‘Laneway’ dwelling in fact many ‘Laneway’ houses incorporate an enclosed garage.  Importantly, contemporary and traditional designs are allowed, in either single-stage or partial upper-storey arrangements.

This attractive studio has been developed in conjunction with the ‘Laneway’ initiative.  Due to this, the architects had to take very specific criteria into consideration. They had to plan initially for the client’s existing requirement for a spacious 800 sq metre artist’s studio.  The future scenario had to see the same building being easily converted into a single bedroom dwelling with a garage space incorporated into the design.

Modular sustainable architecture house


Modular sustainable architecture house

This studio is a fine example of modularsustainable architecture. It is strikingly modern and essentially minimalist in conception.  The main studio area is light, airy and importantly provides unencumbered and flexible working space for the artist.  The whole of the design is based on a simple sustainable modular system of rectilinear shapes and forms.  There are a variety of surfaces combined to add stimulating visual and tactile qualities.  As with any studio, the quality and amount of light entering the space is a paramount consideration.  In this case a large glass wall maximizes the natural source of illumination and provides inspiring views to the outside.  A simple but effective planting scheme compliments and enhances this modular minimalist structure and gives a sense of permanence and attachment to the earth.  Importantly this type of modular sustainable architecture can be very simply converted to a single bedroom dwelling as and when the need arises.

Sustainable architecture house



Modular sustainable architecture house

The following statement of intent by the architects summarizes the company’s dedication to developing and providing forms of sustainable modern housing in an international capacity.  They provide an inspiring example of how excellent design can be combined with practical, affordable and sustainable housing for the future wellbeing of our crowded urban areas.

Campos Leckie Studio is a signatory to the 2030 Challenge, committed to the goal of developing and implementing sustainable design strategies. The office’s environmental agenda operates both locally and internationally. In addition to a commitment to donate a percentage of net revenues to sustainable charities, the principals donate time and energy to various nonprofit projects and organizations worldwide.’

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Modular house with amazing landscape design


Modular sustainable architecture house

Landscape design


Landscape design

Interior design


Interior design – Modular house


Interior design – Modular house


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