Modern Red Brick Architecture house

 WOODWOODWARD Architecture of Victoria, Australia


New and modern Red brick architecture house


Australia is a land associated with confidence, plain speaking and bold statements, not least in architecture.  ‘Finn House’ featured here, is no exception and is a house with a distinctive personality. Red brick architecture is the key feature which sets this eye catching building apart from its neighbours. Designed by Woodwardward Architects, the challenge for the firm was to fulfill the client’s desire to create an impressive modern structure but adhere to a relatively modest budget.

The red brick architecture is at once the outstanding feature but ironically also a means to reduce costs.  The imposing glazed brick walls are subtly muted by variations in the hues of individual bricks. This is due to the fact that the bricks were sold as ‘imperfect’ as they did not match the standard uniform colour required for resale. The exploitation of this fortunate anomaly shows creativity and resourcefulness by the architects

The striking red brick architecture imbues the house with a distinctive monumentality Two streamlined and elegant ‘fins’ rise up and add a clearly defined pattern to the structural composition. The house appears proud and sincere in its construction, nothing material is hidden or disguised. A crisp contrast is achieved between the red brick elements and the remaining architectural forms and features. White structural elements appear linear and weightless in comparison to the red brick architecture at its centre. The vast expanses of the glazed walls add to this sense of lightness and weightlessness. The repetition of rectilinear shapes and forms ensures visual harmony throughout ‘Finn House’.  This is even echoed in the perfect white pointing between the resplendent red bricks.

Red brick architecture house


Luxury Red brick architecture house

The variations of colour add a  dynamic shifting quality to the statement walls at the same time the red brick architecture is used to relate interior and exterior spaces.  Outside it appears bold and confident and draws attention to the striking geometric forms of the building. Inside it becomes sleek stylish and adds a tone of urban sophistication.

To compliment the red brick architecture, light enhancing white  and transparent glass dominate the interior decoration scheme. The passages of contrasting colour and materials draw attention upwards and exaggerate the lofty, spacious aspects of the living rooms. The interior design scheme is kept bold but simple, vivid fabrics on furniture and vibrant modern art works are carefully positioned to add powerful focal points to the dramatic living spaces. These decorative touches also prevent the interior from appearing cold and impersonal as does the artistic use of irregular driftwood to define the beautiful feature of the spiral staircase.

Cleverly located between the two blade walls, a corkscrew staircase guides the visitor between the three distinct programmatic zones through thresholds in the brickwork, emphasizing the red walls as the separator and mediator.

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Contemporary Red brick architecture house


Contemporary Red brick architecture house


Entrence – Red brick architecture house


Modern design red brick architecture house


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Kitchen interior design


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Interior design




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