The Minimalist home Moss Oaklands a Contemporary Dream Home

The Minimalist home Moss Oaklands, Contemporary Dream Home

Countless contemporary homes share the same fundamental ‘ingredients ‘as this one, but not all achieve the instant ‘wow factor’ that describes the fantastic ‘Moss Oakland Residence’. Designed by leading architects Nico Van Der Meulen , this minimalist home design meets the specific brief submitted by the client.


Minimalist home exterior design

The Minimalist home Moss Oaklands, Contemporary Dream Home

The owner’s main instruction to the architect was to “create a single-storey minimalist home with an urban feel”. The original house, built in the 1950’s was creatively remodeled, to achieve a modern ‘open’ style space with improved ergonomic flow from one living area to another. The house was enlarged to allow for the incorporation of four generous bedrooms. The vertical orientation of this contemporary home enabled the architects to incorporate flat roofs and terraces harmoniously into the conversion and to double the volumes of rooms with minimal structural invasion.

Minimalist home interior design

Glass Walls - They are mobile making the living room open
‘Moss Oaklands Residence’ is a contemporary home that is bursting with fabulous and surprising design features. Such as a bridge over the internal water feature and the palatial double height dining room. The interior design team, ‘M Square Lifestyle Necessities’, created the perfect harmony between interior and exterior zones in this minimalist home. Their main goal was to produce a practical, modern but expressive interior design scheme. A sophisticated and unified appearance was achieved with the designer’s holistic approach. They organized all surfaces, furnishings and artworks as one composition, the same way an artist manipulates a range of formal elements on a canvas. This way colours, textures, volumes, patterns, light and shade are all perfectly interrelated. The base palette selected was of white and neutral hues. This allowed warmth and life to be introduced through selective highlighting using bolder more saturated colours. These stronger colours related to items of furniture and striking accessories.

Living room with modern furniture

Living room with modern furniture

In a similar way, a wide range of materials has been used to add visual impact to both interior and exterior areas of the minimalist home. For example the warmth of wood is exploited to add a welcoming atmosphere. The timber features also introduce rich textural qualities that contrast with sleeker more polished surfaces. The flawless finish and attention to every design detail has ensured the exemplary and inspirational appearance of this superb contemporary home.

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Modern white kitchen design

Modern minimalist kitchen design

Contemporary design living room furniture and interior

Art decoration on the Wall in the dining room

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Green and white bedroom interior design

Modern and comfortable furniture in the second living room

Minimalist gas fireplace design

Lounge room design

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Modern house design

Modern architecture pool house

Courtyard with white minimalist table and stools

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