Intriguing Minimalist Courtyard House Design

By Opat Architects of Melbourne Australia

Minimalist courtyard house design

Although not fully landscaped yet, the fabulous potential of this minimalist courtyard house is very clear to see.  The interior is complete and already a vibrant family home.  Built around a simple square courtyard the first impression is that this structure looks like a modern minimalist version of an ancient Roman villa.

The exterior of the minimalist courtyard house is elegantly styled using simple bold geometric volumes.  The whole is clad in dark grey paneling which creates an imposing and impenetrable facade.  Slim, lighter colored pillars are used to support the overhanging sections of the asymmetric roof.  This provides welcome shade in summer and protection in winter.

Minimalist Courtyard House Design

Minimalist courtyard house design

The interior of the minimalist courtyard house is bright and welcoming.  The architecture is as would be expected simple, stylish with an emphasis on functionality. This style extends to permanent fixtures and fittings in the kitchen and bathrooms.  However an eclectic mix of furniture and ornaments give this home its individual lively style.  The open plan kitchen and dining room is clad in timber for its warm and welcoming qualities.  Fresh flowers displays, vibrant modern artworks and jaunty pendant lamps bring a natural energy and life to this area.

The best quality materials, are used throughout the house to enhance the interior décor, these include marble, stone and ceramic tiles.  These become tasteful decorative feature within themselves.  Functional areas such as bathrooms are totally streamlined and uncluttered with just simple fabric drapes used to soften the minimalist décor.

Sandwich panels modern house design

Minimalist courtyard house design

Behind the scenes the minimalist courtyard house is a marvel of energy saving and recycling technologies.  It was designed specifically to be low maintenance and as the architects say to ‘operate independently of public water, gas, sewerage and electricity’.

The layout of the minimalist courtyard house includes multiple outdoor spaces which also become extensions of the main living spaces.  To maximize the benefit of sunlight and fresh air the house is positioned from north to south with the architecture orientated to capture warmth in winter and cool breezes in summer.

This is obviously a house that will be enjoyed and loved for years to come. As the family grow the minimalist courtyard house will mature and mellow within its setting

by Jaz

Minimalist courtyard house design

Intriguing Minimalist Courtyard House Design

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Intriguing minimalist courtyard house design

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