The 3 Most Environmentally Friendly Houses

  Contemporary eco friendly homes

Environmentally friendly houses are not a new trend but they have become widely popular not only for individual households but they have also become a very important subject for governments across the globe. Many countries stimulate “the green ideas and solutions” and they are very much open to new green technology and alternative energy supply. Well, what makes an eco-home a really environmentally-friendly house? It is its ability to self-produce energy and to use the natural resources without harming nature.


Environmentally Friendly House – The Dome House

Simple and eco life with the dome house

This beautiful home is absolutely unique. First of it is built in a very special environmentally safe way reducing labor and waste to the absolute minimum. Each of these homes have an overall weight of 80 kg. It takes about 3-4 to four people to build it in 7 days and by its artistic form you can tell that they are Japanese.


  Environmentally Friendly House – De Maria Design Redondo Beach House

Beach house build from recycled containers

This stunning beach house is built with 8 recycled steel shipping containers. Of course, you can never tell by looking at its totally exquisite design. One of the best things about it, besides that it is eco-friendly is that it is absolutely resistant to fire, mold and the termites. An interesting fact is that 70% of this home was assembled in a shop, which makes it very easy to build, labor-reducible and less time-consuming as well.


  Environmentally Friendly House –  Rothstein- Meckler House

Rothstein Meckler eco friendly house

Now this is something different! The Rothstein-Meckler House has Energy Star Rating, indoor air Plus certificate, and LEED platinum rating! Why? Well, this beautiful home, besides its absolutely futuristic, fantastic look is also totally innovative in terms of technology and green solutions. It is 42 per cent more energy efficient than the average home. It is stylish, easy to build and includes everything a sustainable modern house should have. An environmental home doesn’t mean a vulnerable to the natural disasters house with difficult to cooperate with technology that partially works like a fully energy consuming home. On the contrary these houses are the future today. Oh, who are we lying to – they are the present!

 Environmentally Friendly House Design


  Environmentally Friendly Dome House in Japan

Modern house designs

Stunning Eco Friendly Beach House

Modern eco friendly house design idea

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