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The Eco-friendly subject becomes more and more popular every day

 West Yorkshire - Eco friendly house 

The Eco subject becomes more and more popular every day. Designers and architects have joined forces to create more eco-friendly homes in the most innovative and most stylish way possible. Today it is possible to create a fully eco-friendly house thanks to the vast-developing technologies and the unique specialist approach towards the environment and the comfort that an architectural project should provide.

What could be more wonderful and more inviting than living in a healthy, environmental- friendly home? This way we prevent the rapid changes that are a result of the human impact on the planet. You not only see that your home energy supply is much cheaper and more efficient but you feel that you are doing something good for the greater good for human kind.

Today governments and individuals across the world have taken the challenge upon themselves to create wonderful eco-friendly houses that are absolutely safe for the environment.


East Sussex Eco home

modern-design-eco-friendly-house East Sussex Eco home


This lovely home is located in Heathfield, East Sussex. It has innovative systems that create it one of the best eco-homes.  It has its own rainwater harvester and air-source heating system, and a motion-sensitive lighting. In addition it has 11 acres of land that include beautiful gardens.


modern design eco friendly house


This interesting innovative home is located in Portreath. It is considered to be 44 % more energy efficient than a normal home. It has its own eco-heating and cooling system due to the air-to-water pumps and an open-plan architecture which stimulates the energy efficiency. Well, on top of all that, it is also absolutely gorgeous.


Hampshire Eco house

Cornwall modern design eco friendly house



Cambridgeshire futuristic home



This vast-expansive, futuristic, stunning home is going to be located in Mines Park. It isn’t built yet, but it is consent to have a total area of 12, 400 sq. ft. and a total of 100 acres of land that will include a barn, a lake and a large meadow. Why is it futuristic? Well, first of all look at its design, and second – this home will be totally eco-friendly. It will include every existing technology and system that allows it to be completely self-energy efficient and environmentally safe.

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