‘Reflections at Keppel Bay’ Typifies Dynamic Urban Architecture

Reflections at Keppel bay

Impressively situated at the entrance to Singapore’s prestigious Kepple Harbour, this remarkable residential complex is an awe inspiring sight.  The Reflections at Kepple Bay complex was designed by leading architect Daniel Libeskind of Italy.  A sequence of lofty undulating towers is the focus of this project. Their unusual and dynamic forms add a thrilling element to the Singapore city skyline.


 ‘Reflections at Keppel Bay’ Typifies Dynamic Urban Architecture

A project in Singapore by Studio Daniel Libeskind of Italy

Dynamic architecture design by Studio Daniel Libeskind

 The breath taking aesthetic of Reflections at Kepple Bay has been achieved through the construction of a grouping of massive but elegant architectural volumes.  These forms are as sculptural as they are functional.  The asymmetry and undulating qualities of the composition add life and energy to this project.  This dynamic urban architecture appears to live and move in comparison to the more conventional and static forms that surround it.

Dynamic Urban Architecture Fuses Geometry with Nature

Modern architecture design

The curving outlines are not unlike gigantic plant stalks or blades of grass that appear to be swaying gently in a breeze.  Although complex in construction, the interactive towers still retain a formal simplicity which adds to their powerful impact.  The architectural design is fluid, sinuous and elegant.  Seemingly reaching for the sky the Reflections at Keppel Bay complex unites the land with space and creates a further powerful link between inorganic and organic elements of the cityscape.

Luxurious Lifestyle offered by Dynamic Urban Architecture

Astonishing architecture design

Housed within these fascinating and sleek curving forms are some of the most luxurious apartments that you could wish for.  Each living space is unique and offers fabulous views of the waterfront, Sentosa, the golf course and Mount Faber.  These scenes are framed by the graceful openings and spaces between the main structures.

Dynamic Urban Architecture Design in Singapore

Six upscale residential tower

The housing complex, which has also been described as, “Like a series of warping steel shards…”, is comprised of six residential towers ranging from 24 to 41 levels high.  These have been built in conjunction with 11 lower rise luxury villas. Importantly, the design of Reflections at Keppel Bay respects the need for individuality, so no two connecting apartments or villas look the same. Additionally, as each storey is not in direct alignment with floors above or below then a further sense of originality and uniqueness is achieved within each accommodation unit.

Breath Taking Dynamic Architecture Design

Reflections at Keppel bay

Each of the homes in Reflections at Keppel Bay has been designed specifically to meet the taste and quality expectations of discerning homeowners. All the internal fittings and finishes are of the highest quality using material such as: the finest marble and glorious seasoned oak timber.  Only accessories from leading design companies have been incorporated into these prestigious apartments and villas.  For the added enjoyment of future privileged home owners, the grounds have been landscaped by Award-winning American design firm, Hargreaves Associates.  They have transformed the generous area around Reflections at Keppel Bay into a lush and fertile ‘oasis’ of calm an tranquility.

Reflections at Keppel Bay

Contemporary dynamic architecture

In addition to the powerful impression create by the exciting formal grouping, this dynamic urban architecture benefits from a light and airy composition.  An aspect which, along with the differing building types, presents the onlooker with an endless series of “ever shifting forms” when viewed from different angles and directions.

Dynamic Urban Architecture Design by Daniel Libeskind

Modern architecture conception

On the completion of this award winning project at the end of 2011, Daniel Libeskind made this comment about Reflections at Keppel Bay, his first Asian residential showpiece:

Turning a dream into a reality is always a thrill for an architect. Singapore is a paradigm of harmony of culture, nature and the built environment. I wanted to convey this while highlighting the spectacular beauty of the setting.”

Modern and Dynamic Architecture

Dynamic architecture by Studio Daniel Libeskind

In a subsequent press release it was mentioned how Reflections at Keppel Bay symbolizes Singapore’s current and future success on a global scale.  This fantastic example of dynamic urban architecture demonstrates how Libeskind has cleverly avoided the sense of homogeny and overcrowding often found in residential developments.  He achieved this largely by, “placing the low-rise villa blocks along the water and high-rise towers behind them” and in so doing, retained a desirable feeling of spaciousness.

Whether viewed by day or by night it would be very hard not to be impressed by this subtle but dramatic example of dynamic urban architecture.

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Fantastic Architecture Design

Modern architecture


Reflections at Keppel Bay on Sunset

Contemporary classic home design by Studio Daniel Libeskind


Modern and Dynamic Architecture

Dynamic architecture

Residential Towers of Keppel Bay

Modern outdoor pool design


Reflections at Keppel Bay Singapore

Splendid view from Reflections at Keppel Bay


Inspirational Dynamic Architecture Design

Reflections at Keppel Bay

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