The Fink House – minimalist architecture house


The Fink House – minimalist architecture house

Fink House is a minimalist architecture house with classical construction and elegant white minimalist interior design. As a matter of fact, this is a minimalist architecture house taken from the new catalogue of contemporary house building plans and schemes. The secret is that this minimalist architecture house is a renovated old sandstone cottage with lovely façade and retro romantic exterior design idea.

Minimalist house architecture


The Fink House – minimalist architecture house

The minimalist architecture house Fink House is comes with beautiful interior design – sandstone walls that follows the main line of the whole construction. The retro spirit of the house is preserved with the wooden elements in the interior and the simple environmental concepts – two new plasterboard walls and some wide-opened windows on the back of the gorgeous house, so the sunlight could join the artificial illumination.

Modern house design


The Fink House from the street

The minimalist architecture house known as Fink House is a project for amazing and practical renovation, which is designed and made by Ian Moore Architects, Yoshihito Kashiwagi, and Zoe Spiegel. The photographer Brett Boardman was glad to make some images of the contemporary renewed construction by putting an accent on the retained fron windows. They are making it possible to peer inside and see how an inside bridge connects the bedrooms.

Outdoor dining area


Outdoor dining area – BBQ

The prolonged corridor of this minimalist architecture house is narrow but long enough to make you feel as you are in a labyrinth and any time you may appear in a different, but a nice and cozy place. The light and soft color schemes of the rooms are warm anough to make the whole atmosphere be so welcoming and cozy. So, such a nice cottage in past can be turned into such a castle of your dreams now – the magic of the interior and architecture design.


Architect:        Ian Moore Architects
Photographs: Brett Boardman 

Minimalist living room


Minimalist white living room interior design and furniture

White living room


Minimalist white living room interior design and furniture

Minimalist kitchen design


White minimalist kitchen and dining room interior design

White kitchen


White minimalist kitchen design


White bathroom interior design


Minimalist interior design corridor


Minimalist interior design corridor


The Fink House interior design


White minimalist hallway interior design


Bedroom interior design


Bedroom interior design

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