Modern minimalist house design in Brazil by Marco Peres


Modern minimalist house design in Brazil Marco Peres


This beautiful modern minimalist house design architecture is located in Aracoiaba da Serra, Brazil. The project was completed in 2011 by the Marco Peres. It is a very interest modern example of a family residence. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow the house to be sun soaked and the natural light and warmth to seep into the interior. This architectural solution also gives the ability to gaze at the breathtaking views towards the beautiful landscape. This modern house design combines the simplicity, style, comfort, practicality and beauty in one single residential home.



Modern minimalist house design in Brazil Marco Peres

Unlike other modern minimalist house design architectures, this one has a very special purpose. Its purpose is to create comfort and give the residents the ability to be a part of the surrounding natural environment at all times. The simplicity of the design, the expansive living area, and the exquisite furniture contribute to the beautifying effect in this amazing home. Even though it is a residence, this place is multifunctional enough to be a vacation house, a working area, even a place for holding events, gatherings or meetings. The house is fully equipped and includes everything a modern minimalist house design building should have.



Modern minimalist house design in Brazil Marco Peres

The different living areas in this modern house design are connected by a discrete hallway which makes the bedrooms, and the bathrooms very distinguished from the other zones of the house. The usage of glass everywhere makes this home a bit unconventional but also extremely practical. Even though the different areas are separated through glass walls, the transparency connects them in a very special, unique way that creates an even more expansive effect. This modern house design is definitely one of the most innovative ideas for a home located in a more isolated area.


Modern minimalist house design in Brazil Marco Peres

Platano’s modern design house is a very distinguishable example of a future home. This architectural solution makes the building blend with the natural surroundings and also makes it very warm and inviting on the inside. It combines everything, without hamstring any part of the modern design house idea.

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Modern minimalist house design in Brazil Marco Peres


Modern minimalist house design in Brazil


Modern minimalist house design in Brazil


Modern minimalist house design in Brazil


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