Luxurious Minimalist Architecture – In the Heat of the Spanish Sun

La Vinya Residence By Lagula Arquitectes of Barcelona, Spain


Luxurious Minimalist Architecture – In the Heat of the Spanish Sun

‘La Vinya House’ presents the epitome of luxurious living in an exemplary minimalist architectural style residence. This house has been stylishly designed by Lagula Arquitectes, who have adhered to the purist principles of minimalist architecture but introduced lyrical aspects of traditional Spanish architecture to create this super luxurious dwelling. ‘La Vinya House’ fuses the suggestion of a classical Palladian Villa with the International Modern style of architecture.  The latter emerged across Europe as a movement where the desirable architectural form centred on its functionality. Typical characteristics of the ‘International’ style can be seen in this outstanding display of luxury minimalist architecture. The apparent weightlessness and floating quality of La Vinya House has been achieved using a number of methods. Firstly the massive volume of the house appears to be suspended above the surface of the landscape.  The emphasis on the horizontal plain exaggerates this ‘floating’ impression.  Also, when viewed from the front, the bulk of the structure has been raised above ground level on pillars. Open space is as much a functional formal element as enclosed volumes.  Working on a sculptural level the interaction between space and solid form is a simple but effective way to achieve dramatic cohesion between differing architectural elements.  And finally, lavish use of plate glass completes the illusion.

Luxurious Minimalist Architecture


Luxurious Minimalist Architecture – In the Heat of the Spanish Sun

From the main elevation this fabulous luxury home appears to hover watchfully over the landscape, inviting the curious to wonder what treasures lie within.  However, the structure has been anchored to the earth as it has been built into a gently sloping site.  This has enabled the architects to take advantage of the opportunity to incorporate multi level terraces and open spaces seamlessly into the main structure.  Ergonomically designed for a luxurious lifestyle the passage from one pleasure giving zone to another is unhindered.  The fusion between interior living and outdoor enjoyment is complete. Cool shaded areas are sited below the overhang of the main living spaces. Tempting swimming pools and lounging areas are located in the shade or taking advantage of the glorious Spanish sun.

As would be expected from this type of luxury minimalist architecture even the smallest detail has been carefully conceived to create visual harmony within main fabric of the structure.  Natural stone has been introduced to add a warming balance to the clean geometric lines of the main build. Timber paneling and brick facings have been used to contrast the metal and concrete components and highlight the fascinating geometric rhythms. In every aspect ‘La Vinya House’ represents the height of luxury living for a family who can afford to maximize the pleasure they can derive from this enviable location and glorious climate.

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Luxurious Minimalist Architecture – In the Heat of the Spanish Sun


Luxurious Minimalist Architecture – In the Heat of the Spanish Sun

Landscape design


Landscape design


The kitchen

Interior design


Interior design

Pool and stairs design


Minimalist design architecture – Pool and stairs design


Wall covered with red stone






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