In Harmony with Nature – Ergonomic Contemporary House Design



At night this magnificent house takes on a shell like quality with its glowing iridescent interior within a plainer tougher protective surface.  Built on a slightly raised elevation the idyllic contemporary house design takes advantage of a natural amphitheatre from which to enjoy views of the fantastic surrounding landscape.

The inherent privacy afforded by the encircling hillsides and vegetation enabled the architects, ‘Studio MWA ‘, to install massive areas of floor to ceiling glass in the construction of ‘The Dulieu Residence’.  The decision was taken early on to integrate the modern house design with the landscape through the generous use of naturally occurring materials. Also, keeping the home to a single story ensured a harmonious parity between architectural and organic elements.

Contemporary house design


With a responsible attitude to living in accord with nature, the most innovative eco friendly systems have been installed into this contemporary house design.  These are used to capture and conserve energy and water, and to recycle and minimize waste disposal. These important practicalities had a bearing on the composition of the project.  Respect for the natural world has therefore made an impact on the appearance and function of this house, so it is not surprising that it takes on some of the qualities of a living organism.

Contemporary house design- the interior


The interior of the ‘Dulieu Residence’ is enriched by the wealth of contrasting materials and the aesthetic appeal these yield.  The construction is based on a simple angular geometry and the polished appearance has been emphasized by the high quality finish of the workmanship. The ultra modern house design extends to the interior design scheme. Although still sleek, it is made more homely and welcoming by the neutral but warm colour scheme.  This same colour palette is used throughout to maintain visual continuity between living spaces.  The occasional splash of brilliant colour is introduced through artworks and fabrics. These small but significant creative touches add vibrancy and energy to the interior.

As a result of careful and sensitive planning ‘The Dulieu Residence’ is exceptionally elegant in appearance. Importantly, it is easy to live in being ergonomically designed to facilitate easy transitions between interior and exterior living. It is also enviably simple and cost effective to maintain.

by Jaz


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