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A Historic Building Conceals a Surprise in Ilkley, England


Renovated Pump Station in Luxury home

First impressions can be very deceiving. Who could know from the ‘quirky’ exterior appearance of this old pumping station that the interior houses a surprisingly hi tech and contemporary interior design.

The setting is historic Ilkley Moor in the north of England, this area is romantic, wild and subject to dramatic changes in weather. Built in 1848, the original building was designed to withstand the harsh and changeable Yorkshire climate. It served an important social function but the solid structure wasn’t styled for residential use, so arguably lacks a certain finesse. However, what the ‘Pump House’ lacks in sophistication it makes up for in character.

 Contemporary living room design


Living room with white contemporary interior design

The solid granite structure is built over two storeys and conceals a surprisingly sophisticated contemporary interior design scheme. The spacious interior houses three bedrooms, two bathrooms and two receptions.  The whole of the top floor contains the tasteful open plan living area. This room still retains just a hint of the industrial history of the original pump house in its layout. The surrounding parapet balcony offers easy access to outdoors and enhanced views from the elevated vantage point.  Another attractive feature in the house is the solid oak staircase, this terminates at the centre of the open plan area.

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Kitchen Dining room and Living room in one living space

The elegant decorative scheme focuses largely on the use of white and pale neutral colours. This maximizes the sense of space and light within the contemporary interior design.  Formal definition and contrast is introduced by the inclusion of carefully positioned furnishings and fitments in black. Furniture is carefully arranged in blocks to clearly identify specific ‘zones’ within the open plan living area. Where a more intimate and homely atmosphere is required the use of limited areas of vivid warmer colours are applied to feature walls. In addition to the use of colour to create ambience, an infinite range of different moods and atmospheres can be controlled through the manipulation of the concealed over head lighting in combination with well positioned directional lamps.

Touches of pure luxury appear throughout the contemporary interior design.  One example of this is in the bathrooms which feature the highest quality marble specially imported from Italy. This is a high quality and imaginative refurbishment and provides the occupant with a chance to live in a totally unique and characterful dwelling.

by Jaz

Luxury living room furniture


Contemporary design luxury living room furniture

Contemporary interior design


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Contemporary design bedroom interior


Contemporary design bedroom interior


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