Amazing architecture house, located in Brazil


Amazing architecture house, located in Brazil

 This amazing architecture house, located in Brazil is a minimalist architecture house project, located in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. The creators of the building are working for the team of the Urban Recycle Architecture Studio. As a matter of fact, House URX.01m, or more familiar as Casa Bromelia, is the pioneer project made by Brazilan studio.

Modern house design


Modern contemporary house

Bromelia House is an amazing architecture house project with an interesting inner conception. Divided into two main zones by the staircase, which is the main part in the minimalist architecture house plan, it is a two floored building. The first one consists of a living room, American kitchen and some other functional premises. The upper floor is destined for two creative and convenient bedrooms and a bathroom.

Minimalist architecture


Modern minimalist architecture house

Completed in 2011, the minimalist architecture house project Bromelia House by Urban Recycle Architecture Studio, is an eco friendly building construction. The architects and designers here suggest the use of the stable and familiar combination of concrete and steel. The façade and the inside premises are made of solid wood. So, this could be called a classic and practical amazing architecture house, that responds to its habitants` needs and desires.

Contemporary house design


Modern minimalist architecture house

As to the interior design of the minimalist architecture house Bromelia House, we may observe a well organized rooms with stunning decoration and elegant furniture. The light is muted by the matted windows. They are covered with silk curtains, so the coziness and the harmony of this amazing architecture house are secretly hidden from the outside world. In this way it is for sure that one actually can disturb your pleasant moments at home.


Architects: Urban Recycle Architecture Studio
Location: Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Design: Diego Viana Gomes, Juliana Meira Araujo Aguiar, Saul Kaminsky Bernfeld Oliveir
Photographs: Urban Recycle Architecture Studio & Marcio Correia Campos

Luxury modern home


Minimalist architecture house design


Interior design


Interior design of the luxury house


Interior design of the luxury house



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