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Luxury rosewood hotel in New York

Described as ‘a timeless classic’, ‘The Carlyle’ has a rich and fascinating history.  Recently taken over by Rosewood Hotels, this “Manhattan legend” still retains its original sumptuous style and glamorous atmosphere. ‘The Carlyle’ has, since its opening, regularly been called home by world leaders in: politics, business and high society.

‘The Carlyle’ is a Luxury NY Hotel and a Manhattan Legend

Is a luxury Rosewood hotel in New York designed by architects Bien and Prince

`The Carlyle` lobby


Origins of ‘The Carlyle’ a Luxury New York Hotel

Reception desk at `The Carlyle`

‘The Carlyle’ is fantastically sited on Madison Avenue in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Its distinctive tower has glorious views of Central Park.  This luxury New York Hotel has become a significant City landmark. It is much more than just a luxury hotel it is also a,


“…showcase of great art, a purveyor of privacy and a sanctuary of luxury and refined taste.” The Carlyle: Rosewood website


Guests at this magnificent and historic hotel couldn’t feel any more comfortable, welcome or secure.  In fact some very significant people choose to live there permanently.

`The Carlyle ` Luxury New York Hotel – sitting area in the lobby

Luxury interior design in `The Carlyle` lobby

The hotel was designed and built in the Art Deco style by architects Bien and Prince.  It first opened its doors for business in 1930.  The timing couldn’t have been worse, as this was just after the Wall Street crash in 1929, so the once booming US economy came tumbling down.  However, ‘The Carlyle’ did survive which says a lot for its remarkable appeal. The stylish thirty-five story hotel was conceived to be


“… a masterpiece in the modern idiom, in which shops and restaurants on the lower floors would give residents the convenience and comforts of a “community skyscraper”. Foulkes, p. 30

Versailles Suite in `The Carlyle`

Stylish suite in `The Carlyle` hotel

After the second world war  the economic climate improved once again so, after a transfer of ownership, and a restyle ‘The Carlyle’ become the fashionable place to stay.  Visitors included most US presidents from Truman through to Bill Clinton.

In fact, this luxury hotel became affectionately known as “the New York White House” during John F Kennedy’s presidency. He owned an apartment on the 34th floor for the final decade of his life.  It was also here that Marilyn Monroe sang her famous rendition of “Happy Birthday Mr President” at JFK’s birthday gala in 1962.

The Sumptuous Interior of ‘The Carlyle’ Luxury Hotel

Premier suite interior design

The interior of the hotel is lavishly decorated with many influences from history and different world cultures.  The predominant architectural style is Art Deco, however the decor and furnishings within, reflect a number of different style periods.  There isn’t the strict adherence to angular forms and shapes associated with European Art Deco in its purist sense.  In fact, the hotel appears to pay homage to a progression of significant art and design movements.

`The Carlyle` Interior Design

Comfort and luxe in `The Carlyle`

The overall impact of the interior is very warm and embracing, soft intimate lighting creates a serene ambiance.  Large classical paintings provide an air of stability and permanence and lively baroque accessories add life and energy to the design scheme.


In communal areas and halls, highly polished stone floors and staircases, adorned with sinuous wrought iron work, seem to relate more to the earlier Art Nouveau movement. But whatever the influences the impact is undeniably refined and palatial.

 Luxury Deluxe Room in `The Carlyle` Hotel

Interior design in deluxe room

As would be expected, different suites in this luxury New York hotel are given a variety of sumptuous interior design treatments.  Some are light, airy and refreshing, others are painted in bolder colors and have a more mysterious moody quality.  Exotic wall coverings are used in many of the rooms and the Bemelmans Bar features a charming, historic style mural which completely encompasses this relatively informal space.

Luxury New York Hotel – `The Carlyle`

Manhattan legendary rosewood hotel

Another dining room has a more oriental air, it is decorated in a pale palette with gold highlights. The open work chair designs appear to have been inspired by bamboo furniture.  The only strong colors in this room are provided by freshly cut flower arrangements on each of the tables.

New York  Legend – `The Carlyle` luxury hotel

Splendid view from a tower suite

Within ‘The Carlyle’s glorious interior there are also some touches of unadulterated opulence such as the vaulted stairway leading down to the spa area.  This is lavishly clad in glittering mosaic work and at the end the stair well is illuminated by a gorgeous crystal chandelier.


This insight into this luxury New York hotel’s history and its fascinating interior design only scratches the surface.  The fantastic gallery of images of ‘The Carlyle’ will fill in some of the gaps.


by Jaz

Luxury New York Hotel  – `The Carlyle`

`Carlyle` cafe

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