Modern house design : The Barn by AR Design Studio

Modern house design – The Barn by AR Design sturdio

Modern house design – The Barn by AR Design sturdio

 The Barn is a modern house design by AR Design Studio.  The talented architects have created something extraordinary this time. What we see in the pictures is a modern urban style interior in a wild countryside Barn. Well, at first glance, it seems unthinkable to merge the two concepts but this Barn totally proves us wrong.  This modern house design is not only a beautiful piece of art work it is a stunning representation of a connection between two worlds.


Modern house design – The Barn

The floor-to-ceiling windows and the lovely country house staircase make this modern house design idea more open and connected with the natural environment. The big fire place in the center of the living room and the cozy furniture that surrounds it makes us feel as if we are invited for a hot cup of tea after a long walk in the valley.  The nice wooden surroundings bring us back to a century where technology wasn’t so disseminated and we could enjoy sitting beside the fireplace for a while, reading an old English classic. The gorgeous pool side brings us back to this century, where the modern house design exterior is fully expressed and lets us enjoy the advantages.


Landscape design – The Barn

This modern house design includes a small, compact kitchen which belongs to the urban style area of the house. There is beautiful vast-expanded living area on the first floor which can be multifunctional. Some of the furniture is very sophisticated and contemporary, and other pieces are more appropriate for a small, snuggly village house. One of the most remarkable things about the interior of The Barn is that it has different sets that somehow merge together. It is incredible. This is definitely a new perspective of a modern house design – bringing the old and the new together.


Landscape design – The Barn

The bedroom of The Barn is an urbanized cozy place that fits perfectly in this the modern house design. The atmosphere is inviting and also very intimate. The Barn is not a chic, overwhelmingly luxurious place, but it is definitely a house that you can fall in love with from first sight.  It has different features that are combined together in a very special way. I don’t think it is too bold to say that this modern house design somehow modernizes the old interior and ages the new.

Rebecca T.


Modern house design by AR Design Studio


Landscape design – The Barn


Interior design – Living room


Interior design – Living room


Interior design – Living room


Interior design – the kitchen


Interior design – the bedroom

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