Modern House Architecture – Gayton Road Residence


Here you will find a great example of modern architecture house, a building with a truly unique design. Gayton Road Residence is located in Hampstead Village. It is the work of renowned architect Richard Paxton. Modern building fully meets all the standards and requirements for advanced residential architecture. It is modern architecture house with a great design concept, which combines beauty, functionality, and sensitivity to the environment.


Gayton Road Residence : A Great Example of Modern House Architecture

Recent trends related to modern architecture house continue to support the opinion that the open spaces are one of the best options for residential architecture. In this respect, with this project, Richard Paxton has achieved outstanding results, as you can see from the pictures below. Therefore, we would be wrong to say that this is an excellent example of modern architecture house, which complements our overall picture of a charming home, designed with many aesthetic flair and sense of style.

According to experts, the large reception room in minimalist design is the centre of this fascinating project. The real attraction however, lies in the two retractable glass roof-lights, which are able to open. Then is happens a real magic – the space becomes an open-air courtyard. With the help of this architectural trick, the wonderful reception room in minimalist design simply shine, lit by direct sunlight.


Gayton Road Residence : A Great Example of Modern House Architecture

Looking at that white house design, we can only experience a genuine admiration. The beauty of design lines is amazing, the furniture is stylish, and the presence of glass as a core material is simply a pleasure for the senses. In addition, the house has a custom-made glass swimming pool. The modern look of this white house design and its impressive functionality surely make it one of the most popular places to stay.


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