Modern Beach house architecture by BKK Architects


Modern beach house architecture by BKK Architects

How to make the house’s architecture answer to all our living requirements and at the same time be unique and original? This is a contemporary topic, especially present in the scheme of vocational outreaches, which are often located in village terrains, or just simply at uninhabited places, far from civilisation. Since they are often situated in natural outdoor surroundings, they need to be projected in a way, which will allow them to bind well in the scheme of the natural landscape. An answer to this question can be found in some innovative contemporary architecture decisions.


Modern beach house architecture by BKK Architects

A good example is the project “beached house”, which is based on the Japanese arts form of origami, but in this type of house the space itself is essentially “folded up”, being oriented according to the terrain and the climate. The entire house’s structure is reminiscent of a small village, offering various options for habitation to its owners. Every single room corresponds in a different way to the surrounding habitat and this makes for interesting living conditions, whose charm lies within their unorthodox styles. The notion of an urban home is swapped with an atmosphere of a village retreat point in another room of the place and then changing into a forest cottage setting in another room.


Modern beach house architecture by BKK Architects – Bathroom Interior Design

This architectural blend essentially establishes a unique configuration, where different rooms can have a different theme. The shift in terrain and in the orientation of the separate rooms to it also creates different ways of bonding between the rooms in the vicinity and the natural surroundings in the different parts of the day. The opportunity to find and change the ideas of habitation in the house is one of the things, which surprise, marvel and provoke one’s imagination. This makes for a home, where life never becomes boring. This is what completes the successful projection of the house’s architecture– to always have something new to offer, to be interesting and to have possibilities for its further exploration and renovation.

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Beached House by  BKK Architects


Modern beach house architecture by BKK Architects – Interior Design


Modern beach house architecture – Living Room Interior Design of the Beach House



Beach House Architecture and Landscape Design


Beach House Architecture and Landscape Design



Beach House Architecture and Landscape Design 

Dining Table and Kitchen Interior Design

Dining Table and Kitchen Interior Design

Contemporary Architecture Beach House


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