Minimalist contemporary house design by dmvA Architecten


Minimalist house design

This beautiful minimalist contemporary house design was actually a holiday home, once. First it was an A-framed house, but with the extension built by dmvA Architecten it became residential. The house is very modern, and completely blends in with the environment. This beautiful, modern home is situated in an area that used to be for recreation only but now it is fully residential. That’s why this house needed an extension that would transform the holiday house into a residential one. Of course, the architects had to deal with specific regulations. Even though, the first design respected the environment in every way it was rejected by the building authorities because it didn’t meet some requirements. The contemporary house needed a new design.


Minimalist contemporary house design by dmvA Architecten

An extension had to be made in order for the pyramid construction to become a minimalist contemporary house that would make it function as a residential home. The rejection of the authorities and the entire struggle with the A-framed design of the house, which is quite a difficult structure frame, led to the creation of a “tunnel” made of wooden constructions. This contemporary house today has a new entrance, a bathroom and a library in the extension area.


Minimalist contemporary house design by dmvA Architecten

The old part and the new part of the contemporary house are connected with the two frames of the structure. One of the great things about the home is that is the old and the new part of the house are in absolute harmony. Both parts are made of the same materials – great quality wood and glass. The contemporary house has an awesome view towards the pond and the garden.
This modern, cozy, contemporary house has everything to fully satisfy its residents. It is very chic and also very convenient; it blends with the natural environment. This is a minimalist contemporary house that is eye- pleasing comfortable, stylish and modern. It’s truly inspirational.



White Minimalist House Interior Design



Minimalist Contemporary House Design


Minimalist Contemporary House Design



The Landscape of the Minimalist A-Shaped House



Minimalist Contemporary House Design



Minimalist Contemporary House Design


White Minimalist Interior Design




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