Minimalist architecture for luxury lovers

by Fernanda Marques Arquitetos


Amazing minimalist architecture and interior design Loft 24/7 – home library and living room

Minimalist architecture ideas nowadays are here to tell you how to live – not as a rule of course – but better do what you want, surround yourself with love, peace and harmony and feel the beauty in everything that your eyes can capture. This modern and extremely working for your good health and soul condition minimalist design idea may be seen in a specific room, in the whole house spirit or even in the house that may look as a separate room.


Minimalist kitchen design


Minimalist architecture Luxury loft 24/7 – Minimalist kitchen design

Such kind of a minimalist architecture we may see in the masterpiece in the contemporary architecture building catalogue, named Loft 24/7. May sound a little bit rustic, rough, Bohemian and even hippy, but this incredible idea for a living place is worth it. The construction is a project, which makes Fernanda Marques Arquitetos really famous not only in their country but also in the whole world of modern minimalist design school.

Minimalist living room design

minimalist architecture-living-room-interior-design

Minimalist architecture and design loft 24/7 – Minimalist living room design

Loft 24/7 is set in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Here, the exotic and so various culture and traditions in the minimalist architecture and design, the building really finds its place. The wooden base and the natural green decoration suit to the idea of freedom as a place where you can hide from the daily routines and bad happenings in life forever and feel honestly safe here. The minimalist design of Loft 24/7 can be seen both – in the interior and exterior line.


Minimalist architecture and design loft 24/7 – Minimalist and art deco living room design

Simple and neutral color schemes, awkward shapes and stylish organization of the elements in the room and in the house at all are main and specific feature for the minimalist design and minimalist architecture. This obligatory trend is carefully developed in Loft 24/7 as well. Brown, white and grey nuances are making the atmosphere peaceful and static, while the odd and vanguard furniture and decors are bringing lots of life and inspiration in the environment.


Minimalist architecture and design Loft 24/7 in Sao Paolo, Brazil


Dining area interior design Loft 24/7


Minimalist exterior design and architecture


Minimalist architecture for luxury lovers

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