Art and architecture are connected from ancient times to nowadays

Since ancient times art and architecture are inseparable. The best artists have painted the walls of the cathedral, the best masters have done stone columns and friezes of temples and palaces. Some of the older buildings still resemble ancient architectural sculpture of a great artist and have been declared wonders of the modern world. Since the ancient builders of the pyramids in Egypt the principles of golden section are used in construction. Great painters and sculptors also used in their works the proportions of the golden section. Аrt and architecture complement each other to create a complete whole.

Art architecture by Calatrava


Art architecture by Calatrava

Worldwide meet wonderful examples of art and architecture. It is no exaggeration to say that architecture is art. Remember Petra in Jordan, the Forbidden City in Beijing and architectural monuments of ancient Rome and Greece. The old Moorish buildings in Granada like sheer lace of stone and wood. Many modern architects have created a remarkable masterpieces. Buildings of Santiago Calatrava and Frank Lloyd Wright have become tourist destinations, like the classic works of fine art in museums. In many modern residential and administrative buildings are combined art and architecture.

Art and Architecture – Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright


Art and Architecture – Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright

Mix of art and architecture is found in modern cities. The buildings have are non-traditional forms and materials. Many of them have a futuristic look and resemble the spaceships of the future. Others have a kind of giant sculptures. For the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava is known that some of his sketches of sculptures are designed as unique buildings. In the projects has been used lots of glass, concrete and metal. The facades are of regular geometric shape. House in Las Rozas near Madrid is an example of a successful combination of art and architecture.

Art architecture by Zaha Hadid – Cardiff Bay Opera House


Art and architecture combine very well with the design of modern houses. Works of painters and sculptors find their place in every home. They bring style and sophistication. Moreover, is a good investment. Art in the interior of modern buildings can not only painting and sculpture. Fireplace and winding staircase to the second floor with exquisite proportions create a sense of symbiosis between art and architecture.

Text by Dani Alexandrova

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