World Architecture Award 2011-Rehabilitation Centre Groot Klimmendaal


World Architecture Award 2011-Rehabilitation Centre Groot Klimmendaal

Rehabilitation centers have their new winner of architecture award that was given by the World architecture festival this year for the projects, made and realized in 2011. And the winner is Groot Klimmendaal – the rehabilitation centre, situated in Arnhem, Netherlands and designed by the talents from K van Velsen firm. Save for the great and professional and services that are offered here, Klimmendaal found its personal place among the best world architecture projects.

World Architecture Award Groot Klimmendaal


World Architecture Award Groot Klimmendaal

Starting with its unique exterior, Groot Klimmendaal shows how architecture in the world is not just a complex of stunning and odd buildings for rich people, who can afford it. Its newest trends and conceptions take place in any sphere – even in the healthcare. Being a rehabilitation center, it provides best thing a patient needs – great stuff, best medicine procedures and a warm and relaxing atmosphere. That is why the architecture award got here!

World Architecture Masterpiece-Groot Klimmendaal


World Architecture Masterpiece-Groot Klimmendaal

Architecture in the world nowadays fixes to the environment where one of its pieces is situated at. On the contrary, the great building of the rehabilitation center Groot Klimmendaal has its personal and individually prepared exterior design. The exotic trees and the fresh plants all around the yard are spreading the positive energy all around the grounds. Thus the building is not just a hospital institution, thus it becomes a world architecture masterpiece.

Architecture Award-Rehabilitation Centre Groot Klimmendaal


Architecture Award Rehabilitation Centre Groot Klimmendaal

Mainly, the rewarded with the architecture award for best health building in 2011, structure is made from iron, steel and glass. The presence of glass influences purity and cleanness. This will definitely make the patients feel better and get better faster. The inside interior design is decorated with golden elements and marble pavements – richness, solidness and confidence – they are all primary ideas in the process of making Groot Klimmendaal. Architecture world loves these conceptions!

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World Architecture-Rehabilitation Centre Groot Klimmendaal


World Architecture Rehabilitation Centre Groot Klimmendaal

World Architecture Groot Klimmendaal


World Architecture Groot Klimmendaal by K van Velsen BV


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