World Architecture Award 2011-Raas Jodhpur Luxury Boutique Hotel


World Architecture Award 2011 Raas Jodhpur Hotel

Raas Jodhpur has been nominated and has won the award for best holiday world architecture. The architecture award, as you may think of, is given by the best experts in the art of architecture nowadays, who have been discussing the participants in the 2011 event of the World architecture festival. Raas Jodhpur is a great and extremely original resort for spending your holiday or weekend and meanwhile – it represents an original conception in the contemporary world architecture.

World Architecture Award 2011 Exterior Design


World Architecture Award 2011 Raas Jodhpur Exterior Design

The main idea beyond the construction of the architecture award winner in holiday category is to combine and connect in an organic integrity the modern and the ancient. The retro line is emphasized with the old buildings from 18th century and taking them in their unity they look as a part of an old city quarter. On the contrary, the inside interior and exterior design follow the latest fashion trades – together with the exterior they have deserved the architecture award by all means.

World Architecture Luxury Hotel


World Architecture Project Raas Jodhpur Luxury Hotel

Raas Jodhpur luxury boutique hotel is one of those world architecture projects that struggle for the cause of loving and honoring the history – with its ancient and eminent figures and shapes, with its genuine spirit and general symbols and messages. We may feel the spirit and the atmosphere of that epoch by the leads that the biggest masters among the craftsmen left behind them. The retro environment is all wood, iron and ceramic – main materials in preparing this world architecture project.

Architecture Award 2011 Luxury Hotel


Architecture Award 2011 Raas Jodhpur Luxury Boutique Hotel

Besides the ancient Indian cultural signs, architecture in the world is enriched with another luxury and contemporary atmosphere for holidays and vacations lovers. Raas Jodhpur luxury boutique hotel consists of 39 perfectly furnished and decorated rooms for the visitors, who love to combine the pleasant relaxation with the educational activities. Located in Jodhpur, India with the attractive exterior that reminds of an exotic spa resort makes this world architecture project unbelievable.

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World Architecture 2011 Hotel Exterior


World Architecture Raas Jodhpur Hotel Exterior

Architecture Awards 2011 Hotel Interior


Architecture Awards Raas Jodhpur Hotel Interior

World Architecture Awards Raas Jodhpur Hotel


World Architecture Awards Raas Jodhpur Hotel


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