What is Landscape today?


Diller Modern Landscape Architecture – Aberdeen City Garden by Scofidio + Renfro with Keppie Design & OLIN win

But what is landscape, really? Landscaping has been participated for thousands of years. Landscape refers to the ability to design and rearrange the visible living elements of any outdoor environment. It includes planting, garden construction. Basically it’s the ability to maintain the land for both practical and aesthetic needs. In this article you will see how landscaping has been modified through the years and what is landscape today.

The ancient Mayans and ancient Egyptians have shown us “what is landscape” to them through their legacy of pictures and hieroglyphics. But what’s most astonishing is that even though the two cultures have never been aware of each other, they both have created rather similar images of their idea of “what is landscape”.


Landscape Architecture Miami Science Museum

In our modern perception of landscaping and our understanding of what is landscape today we refer to the newest ideas around the world that astonish us with creativity, beauty, and practicality. The more our technological abilities progress and globalization kick in, the easier it is for us to create original landscape designs and mix them together with different styles of architecture like the Japanese carpentry mixed with Mediterranean plants for instance. One of the most original, modern ideas is the Ecoroof. The idea is actually very simple. A layer of lightweight soil is installed on the rooftop. Plants that do not need to be deeply rooted are planted in the soil. The rainwater is simply absorbed through the layer and the plants grow. This is a very unique, spectacular, modern way of showing us what landscape is today.

Landscape Architecture Science Museum Miamai

Landscape Architecture Science Museum Miamai

In conclusion to our modern understanding of what is landscape, we could say that even though we create beautiful, modern buildings and live in a fast-paced technological and industrial world, we have not left nature behind. Actually, it is quite the opposite. Our goal is to bring nature as close to us as possible. That is why we create beautiful gardens. We surround our homes, our towns, and cities with breathtaking floras and faunas. Everything we do shows us our modern perception and understanding of what is landscape today, which is a natural, eco environment that makes us feel safe and loved.
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Art and Landscape Teshima Art Museum


Art and Landscape Teshima Art Museum

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