Water House in steep mountain area.


Water House in steep mountain area

Water House built on a steep mountain area Yulong. This modern architectural design is surrounded by ancient Chinese village named Lijiang, China. The village is famous of its roads, bridges and traffic. To build the house participated not only the architects of Li Xiaodong Atelier, but also locals. In this way preserves the historic style typical for the area. Typical of Chinese architecture, the building has a traditional shape and texture. Reflecting pool covers most of the surface of the water house.

Water House by Li Xiaodong Atelier


Water House by Li Xiaodong Atelier

Water house has a closed courtyard. He contributes to open the project from any perspective. Low and open architecture design of the house is typical Chinese style of building. Simultaneously, the project retains its modern design and character. For construction of the building architects using the materials of steel, concrete, glass, natural wood and stone. Substrate and a sloping roof tiles lie on strong steel beams related to vertical wooden beams together. For its part, the outer and inner walls made of wood and glass are direct connected with the roof. The walls have large elements such as opening and thus give a maximum contact with the environment. The same time the walls permit to close the interior space giving access to the courtyard of the water house.

Water House Architecture Design


Water House Architecture Design

The base and the fence of water house used concrete, steel columns and natural stone. This provides strength and durability of the building, thereby allowing reflecting pool to be passed in time. Surrounding pool gives a sense of cooling throughout the project. The interior design is minimal, thanks to simplified structure and clean lines of the house. Furnishing of the rooms is in the minimalist and modern style. All these components together into a whole, make water house an architectural masterpiece, itself is a modern building, while it is consistent not ignore historical features of the area.

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