Spanish House Design – two families in the same house


Spanish House Design two families in the same house

This amazing Spanish house design by the architect Francisco J. del Corral del Campo in Granada is one of the most beautiful combinations of modernism and minimalism. Even though it looks very contemporary this beautiful home features many elements that are modern and yet have a reminiscent of the old Spanish architectural style filed with warm inviting atmosphere. The house has a white facade with gorgeous natural wood volumes, supported by “legs”.

Rooftop terrace architecture design


Rooftop terrace architecture design

A part of the house’s plan is the outdoor entertaining area which is very nice, allowing the Sun the shine naturally on the outside area as well as on the inside. The nice sea breeze is another asset to this amazing home. Of the most special things about this house is that is built for two families. As you can see the house has beautiful minimalistic interiors with good quality wood floors and a big stair case that leads up to the second level of the house.

Architectural volume plan interior design


Architectural volume plan interior design

The architectural volume plan design allows the two families with children to live in this house with interfering with one another. Actually it is quite the opposite. The families live there, and each has its own personal space. The architects call it “programmed space”. This thoughtful idea that saves up not only space, but also makes a beautiful happy home is one of the most extraordinary ideas this year.

Minimalist living space interior


Minimalist living space interior

They Spanish architects have shown us how the minimalistic interior can become big enough for two families to live together without any consideration of interfering with one another. This is a perfect solution for two families own the same property. The architects have shown us ones again that people can live together and feel comfortable as long as the design and architecture of the house suites their own personal needs. I think that these architects have done an amazing job with that.

Gorgeous natural wood volumes


House with white facade and gorgeous natural wood volumes

Spanish house Design by architect Francisco J. del Corral del Campo


Spanish house design by architect Francisco J. del Corral del Campo

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