Giants in Modern Minimalist Architecture by Le Corbusier



Modern minimalist architecture in its pure form is established by Le Corbusier, the architect, who sees the house as a machine for living. The home needs to be beautiful and functional as a machine, the houses should be designed according to the needs of the people, who live in them. Led by these principles, Le Corbusier establishes the five main principles of architecture and holds onto them in all his projects.

Modern minimalist architecture – Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier


According to the first principle of minimalist architecture, the house must be separated from the ground by carrying columns, so that the space under it can be used. The second principle is building a garden on its roof, where its inhabitants can take a rest. The third principle is freeing the inner space by using columns and smaller walls. The forth principle is wide glazing – the windows range between the second and third floors of the building. The fifth is devoted to the free façade. Le Corbusier touches on the topic of mass architecture, which would later on lead to the construction of flat houses.

Modern minimalist architecture – Le Corbusier Exterior Design


He is the author of the harmonic measuring system with the human form as a basic element. The villa of “Savoye”, which is an one of his architectural projects, unites all principles in one and, as a result, a house – beautiful and functional as a machine, comes to fruition. The complex and inspiring structure of the building is designed for the needs of its inhabitants. Its abstract design, standard geometric shapes, unostentatious colours and free inner space make it an example of minimalist architecture and interior design. It reflects its creator’s vision that “the household is the family’s temple”.

Modern Minimalism Villa Savoye Architecture


His unconventional method and innovative minimalist thinking make Le Corbusier a true master of minimalistic architecture, as his ideas are unique in the entire architectural development. Regarded as an innovator of his time, Le Corbusier still remains such in the eyes of architectures nowadays.

Text by B. Angelov


Modern Architecture Villa Savoye Terrace


Modern Minimalism Villa Savoye courtyard


Modern Minimalism Villa Savoye Staircase


Modern Minimalism Villa Savoye Interior


Modern Minimalism Villa Savoye Stairs


Modern Minimalism Interior Villa Savoye


Modern Minimalist Interior Design


Modern Minimalism – Villa Savoye Living Area


Modern Architecture Villa Savoye


Modern Architecture Villa Savoye Roof


Modern Architecture Minimalism Villa Savoye



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