Landscape design – How to make an impressive landscape?


The question  how to create an impressive landscape design isn’t one that has a single answer, because the making of a landscape in architecture is an art, which creates the scenery. The increase in the number of greenery in the garden and the transition from strict straight lines and static geometric shapes to random ones, outlined according to the qualities of the terrain, gives way to a new style in architectural shaping, know as landscape style. How to make a landscape and what does a landscape stand out with?

Landscape Design and Architecture


Landscape as a style of garden arrangement is characterized by zigzagged lanes, groups of plants with random shapes, which are inserted in the art of making a landscape design. The coasts of the water areas are outlined according to the natural qualities of the terrain, contradicting entirely to the strict and rhythmically arranged trees and bushes, the trimmed down hedges in the geometric Italian and French parks. This twist of the general projection understanding about gardens and parks derives from the will of man to return to nature and the ecological way of living. The scenery’s landscape should also correspond to it.

Landscape Architecture Project Design


A stand out master of architectural design gardens is William Kent. He knows the art of “furnishing” the horizon with garden shapes, still keeping the natural rocks and greenery in the exterior. A classical work of art, designed by Kent, is the park in Stow. He uses greenery in its natural outlook. The removes the terraces, thus creating picturesque connections to the building. He zones the gardens in a system of distinguished landscapes. He relies on the main principles and shows how a landscape in the garden is made.


The landscape in the garden is enriched by Lancelot Brown, whose landscapes are determined as three dimensional compositions with an original structure. He uses the colours masterfully and has the eye of a painter. A main principle, inherited from his works, is for the landscape’s structure to resemble nature in an artistic way, without copying it. The garden or park becomes a natural part of the scenery. These are all innovative ideas on the topic of making a landscape.

Text by B. Angelov

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