Dream House – Luxurious oasis in the Sonoran Desert


Dream House  architecture   by Architect Rick Joy

This beautiful desert Dream house is a work of art created by Architect Rick Joy. It is located in Sonoran Desert. Check out the rough red roof. It is recognizable from miles and you feel drawn to the house. Suddenly you end up in front of the home and its warm, relaxing atmosphere invites you in. Even though it is very inviting, livable, and beautiful – this home is also very modern and fully equipped with everything a family could need. This modern steel dream house has a not only very appealing exterior but also wonderful interior made of stainless steel, glass and maple.

Modern architecture  Dream House courtyard design


Modern architecture desert Dream house courtyard design

The courtyard is the heart of the house. There you can see the oasis type greenery that calms the gazing eyes. This modern house is built on a sloppy hillside – type area and a part of the house is built below level. The unique infinity pool faces towards the west onto to a gorgeous view towards the mountain. The outside living doors are situated below ground level which makes them private and away from the revealing open-space area of the house.

Modern pool area dream house exterior design


The Dream House pool area

This amazing  Dream home is much more than what meets the eye. It’s a wonderful thoughtful design that is perfectly suitable for a vacation home. It is definitely the oasis you would like to go to after a long hot day driving around in the desert. Its appeal doesn’t come only from the architectural design but also from the interior design solutions and the amazing furnishing made of excellent quality materials.

Pool area architecture design of the modern house


Arizona Dream house – pool area

This beautiful desert house is one of the best architectures we’ve seen this year. It’s designed to be adored. The architects have put their minds and their hearts into creating this extraordinary place, which is a remarkable work of art made not only for living but also for loving.

Arizona dream house landscape view


Arizona modern house landscape view

Modern architecture dream house design in Arizona


Modern architecture Dream house  in Arizona

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