Dream House by Korean architects IROJE KHM


A concrete wood  dream house by Korean architects IROJE KHM

This beautiful dream house is situated in Goyang, Korea, it is designed by the Korean architects IROJE KHM. The courtyard house has a beautiful mixture of nature and contemporary design. It is a concrete and wood modern three-level house. There is a below ground level and two other levels rising above. One of the best things about this house is that it has a very natural blend between the indoor and the outdoor areas. The dream house has a concrete base and is mostly made of wood and glass.

The Dream House courtyard  design


Dream house with modern concrete elements

When you get on the second level of the Dream House you can see the beautiful views of the neighborhood, in a very unusual but also very thoughtful way the living spaces are situated on the upper levels of the house, but the lower levels are dedicated to the beautiful gardens. The Modern Dream house features a beautiful courtyard interior design with modern concrete elements.

Modern architecture dream house courtyard design


Modern concrete wood architecture dream house courtyard design

The central courtyard of the dream house is the main point around which the interior spins and overlooks over through the big windows towards the beautiful view. The wood elements of the house make the interior very warm and inviting. This house is perfectly suitable for a large family or a young couple that enjoys everyday company of friends and relatives.

Korean architecture dream house design


Korean architecture dream house design

This Korean architecture allows the owners of the dream house to live in perfect harmony with nature. You can see how the gardens from the outside area interact perfectly with the indoors area. There is a very small, smooth transition between both, this makes the house very unique and desirable.

Contemporary dream house architecture from IROJE KHM


Contemporary dream house architecture from IROJE KHM

IROJE KHM has shown us beauty, style and nature mixed together so well in order to create this amazing contemporary home with stylish interior and good quality furniture. The surrounding area is a perfect location for this great Korean home. The great view is yet another asset to this modern three-level dream house.

The Dream House staircase


The Dream House staircase made of concrete and wood

Modern interior if the dream house


Modern wooden  interior of the dream house

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