Shabby chic curtains –elegance and romantic atmosphere in the interior

floral motifs two layers shabby chic curtains pastel pink white

You cannot have a Shabby Chic interior without the accessories, fabrics, patterns and colors. We shall give you some ideas how to complement your home interior with Shabby chic curtains as the curtains are not only a window treatment but an important part of the decor.

 Shabby Chic curtains – how to choose the fabric

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Shabby chic style in the interior of the house allows you to combine your favorite antique furniture with new artfully aged items. Traditionally Shabby chic interior features light and tender colors – ivory, milky white, light blue and pink. Shabby chic curtains should follow the main color palette for the style, which means light, delicate pastel colors, white or creamy shades. When choosing the fabric for your Shabby chic curtains, opt for natural materials.

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Silk, cotton, linen, satin – choose the best possible quality. Remember that artificial synthetics, modern or geometric patterns are absolutely offensive for this style. You need to pay attention to details and combine simple and elegant.

Shabby Chic curtains – stylish decoration for your room

elegant living room shabby chic style decor pastel pink interior

We already said that Shabby Chic curtains must be in pastel colors. Pale purple, pastel pink, faded shade of blue, lavender, mint greens, etc. The design of the curtains involves lots of details and floral patterns- tiny roses, delicate wildflowers, exquisite violets, pale orchids. The curtains in Shabby Chic style often have two or three layers of fabric. The curtain accessories and finishes could be satin roses, delicate ribbons and pearls, lace grabs, cute bows or ruffles. Make sure you do not overdo the accessorizing as the style is more about sophistication and not kitsch.



shabby chic living room curtains romantic living room decor white furniture

 Elegant shabby chic living room

shabby chic curtains living room decor ideas pastel colors floral wallpapers

Beautiful pastel pink curtains

shabby chic curtains vintage furniture bedroom interior design antique white

 Shabby chic bedroom decor

shabby chic curtains shabby chic bedroom decor ideas pastel colors

 White furniture and floral motifs

shabby chic curtains living room decor white furniture floral pattern curtains


shabby chic curtains living room ideas white furniture ornaments

 Awesome Shabby Chic interior design

lovely-shabby chic bedroom design ceiling ideas white furniture floral curtains

shabby chic bedding set pink blue floral quilt cover shabby chic curtains

romantic bedroom shabby chic decor bedding set curtains

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