Luxurious and Modern Chalet Design for an Exclusive Vacation


Designed for the leisure market this luxurious and modern chalet design is as comfortable and opulent a vacation home as you could wish to find any where. Its built ‘loosely’ following traditional Swiss design principles and is a real treasure. Chalet Zermatt Peak is classed as a ‘boutique’ chalet and its stylish interior is spacious enough to house up to 13 adults comfortably. The chalet is situated in the picturesque mountain scenery of Zermatt for those who appreciate the benefit of healthy fresh air. The luxurious and modern chalet design benefits from the most awesome panoramic views right the way to the famous Matterhorn. This is an exclusive holiday resort and therefore the interior reflects the quality that ‘well-heeled’ guests are going to expect.

Modern chalet design – comfortable and opulent vacation home


The exterior of the luxurious and modern chalet design appears at first traditional and typical of the region. It nestles comfortably into a steep rocky outcrop and looks as though it has been in place for generations. The construction is tiered and the timber cladding gives the chalet a most welcoming appeal. Inside the chalet the lucky guests will be amazed at the modern and traditional fusion. The luxurious and modern chalet design is entered at the lowest level where great wealth of glorious stone is used to create mysterious tunnel type walkways and caverns. Stylish wine cellars and niches for contemporary sculpture are juxtaposed, creating super luxurious details in this underground area. Comfortable, softly sculpted seating is provided for those who want to relax in a private space for a while.

Luxurious and modern chalet design


The above ground areas of the luxurious and modern chalet design are a complete contrast, constructed with an emphasis on exploiting the panoramic views. A fabulous and complex framework is constructed out of glowing timbers. In spacious sections of the open plan living area, vast expanses of glass replace the wood paneling on both vertical and roof planes. The effect is to create an apparently open living space for guests to fully enjoy the alpine views in warmth and comfort. The remainder of the more public living zone is timber clad and although the ceilings are exceptionally lofty this creates a warm and secure environment in the luxurious and modern chalet design’s interior. In other sections false ceilings and room dividers are slotted in to add extra definition to spaces with specific functions such as the fabulous bar and kitchen area.

Modern chalet  design with interesting interior


Each bedroom in the luxurious and modern chalet design  is uniquely planned and attention has been paid to even the smallest detail to ensure a perfectly balanced aesthetic appeal in every room. Glorious combinations of the finest fabrics, soft animal hides and sinuous metal sculpted furniture have been combined in a fluidly organic manner. Glittering light fittings are draped in soft silks to ensure a mellow ambience. No expense has been spared in creating a perfect holiday retreat for those who are wealthy enough to experience this luxurious and modern chalet design first hand.

by Jaz

Traditional stone wall


White living room interior – modern chalet design


Amazing indoor pool


Comfortable living room sofa set


Minimalist kitchen furniture


Modern bathroom design


Design and interior by Paul Bowyer

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