Comfortable Wooden Interior Design by Bertram Architects



Built amongst luscious semi tropical vegetation this fabulous writer’s studio nestles into the rocky hillside.  It is the perfect retreat for engendering creativity.   The interior is a based on a very comfortable and stylish wooden interior design.  Almost monastic in its simplicity the house is a celebration of timber both inside and out.

Fabulous writers studio with wooden interior design


A mid tone glowing wood has been selected to panel the exterior.  This helps the minimalist style property to unite with its natural surroundings.  Although strictly angular the construction suits its environment through the tiered arrangement of building and terraces.  The surrounding foliage has grown to partly soften the geometry of the house.

  Wooden Interior Design in Lookout Residence


On the interior the minimalist theme of design continues fluidly throughout the house.  The dominant focus is on the wooden interior design scheme.  This provides a most comfortable and welcoming environment for the occupants of the house.  Furniture items become an extension of the main structure.  The beds, storage units and work area are neatly built into the wooden interior design using the same mellow timber as the flooring to create a streamlined unified effect.  The house is a haven of peace and tranquility benefiting from the calming qualities of the wooden interior design scheme.

Mid tone glowing wood interior


Due to the wonderfully elevated position of this house, spectacular panoramic views are brought into the home through large window openings.  These may be enjoyed from the writer’s desk so will undoubtedly inspire creativity.  The wooden interior design is extended to the terraces outside which provide further opportunities for relaxation and contemplation from the secluded tree top location.  Contemporary materials have been used to compliment the wooden interior design scheme.  Concrete and metal on the exterior are left unadorned, their intrinsic qualities are to be enjoyed in their most fundamental condition.  Inside the house a simple neutral color scheme provides the backdrop to the richness of the timber.  Accent colors are introduced sparingly to the wooden interior design such as the vivid orange in the bathroom.

Open kitchen plan


This comfortable retreat provides the perfect refuge for a busy writer to escape the hassles and interruptions of daily life,

by Jaz

Wooden kitchen design


Neutral color scheme in the  living room


Wooden paneling


Dining area with amazing panoramic view




Lookout Residence wooden bad design

Lookout Residence  night lights



Design by Bertram Architects

Published by Dimitar Dimitrov