House on the flight of birds shows originality and practicality

Design by Bernardo Rodrigues


House on the flight of birds by Bernardo Rodrigues is an exclusive masterpiece in home interior and exterior design ideas world.

Besides, showing its originality and practicality, the building is a remarkable contribution to the newest architecture tendency for a nice, convenient, and safe home place.

House on the flight of birds – primary notes


Bernardo Rodrigues is a Portuguese architecture, who is famous for its amazing approach into the better and more beautiful lifestyle, when it comes to house design ideas. His latest work is named the House on the flight of birds project. The House on the flight of birds is situated in the north side of S. Michael Island in the Azores. The area is known with its frequent rainy days and its steady wind. The architecture and the exterior design idea behind the incredible House on the flight of birds is adjusted to these climate specifics, and meanwhile, it presents an extra ordinary surrounding in a magnificent environment.

House on the flight of birds – fly with us for a virtual tour


House on the flight of birds by Bernardo Rodrigues is constructed in an original way in order to prevent the bad influence of the constant winds and the permanent humidity. The Portuguese designer has achieved this by creating a couple of wings, which are connected in a natural and striking way. Furthermore, the weird building architecture provides a couple of different as to their shapes and sizes patio areas, which are also furnished and decorated with a specific idea. The glass walls and the wide windows preserve the connection between the indoor premises and the outdoor beauty of the nature.

Interior of the House on the flight of birds



The first floor of the House on the flight of birds by Bernardo Rodrigues is divided into several zones. Main zones accommodate the general home premises such as the gorgeous living room, a small Vintage kitchen, and a high-tech dining room. Moreover – the downstairs area of the building provides three separated premises for a relaxation. These zones are furnished with a single hammock or a simple bad – you can just lie down and devote yourself to an all day contemplation.

The upper floor of the House on the flight of birds by Bernardo Rodrigues consists of private and more enclosed rooms. Here is the zone of the building, where the designer preferred to place the intimate bedrooms for the family members. The decors are light and simple enough to keep the coziness in the atmosphere. The wooden parquet is combined with comfortable furniture with soft damasks and minimalist design.

House on the flight of birds – exterior design accents


We may point two key accents in the exterior design of the House on the flight of birds. Bernardo Rodrigues emphasize on the mixture of a several patio areas outside the building by putting the enormous swimming pool as a contrast. However, the green surface in the outdoor yard is welcoming and cozy enough to accommodate some extra additional hammocks, benches, and lounges with sunshades for the hot summer days.

Roof of the House on the flight of birds



The roof of the House on the flight of birds by Bernardo Rodrigues is situated as a restricted zone from the urban surrounding of the entire building plan. There is nothing so special of the roof – just an enormous free space, where you can do everything you like under the stars at night or under the sunlight during the day. However, the roof is safeguarded enough to lead us to the conclusion that as to the designer the roof of the House on the flight of birds is a significant part.

Living room of the House on the flight of birds


Modern minimalist architecture- pool

house-birds-minimalist-architecture- pool

Contemporary design – house of birds


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