Some tips for a beautifully decorated living room


White living room with beautiful decorations

Usually we do not forget to decorate the living room. It is even very often, when we do it too much and make the room look clumsy and too dressed up. This does not make the atmosphere more convenient and warm – it makes the living room look smaller and cramped. In turn, your personal living in your own living room will turn into a nightmare in a prison or at least it will not be emollient and spending enough when you need a rest or some nice couple hours with your closest people. To avoid that our first tip in the decorating process in the living room, is to be very precise when choosing the decors as vases, carpets, paintings, wallpapers and the color scheme for the room.

Living room with painting


Modern painting in the living room

Next tip for you is to be creative in the living room. While decorating, choose something very special for you to put on the wall or just buy something really expensive for the cabinet next to the fire place – it is a better alternative than to pick up dozens of stupid rattles from the shop for Chinese goods and mix the whole interior design.

Artistic living room


Modern artistic living room design

Suggesting you to be creative, we mean you should decorate the living room in an artistic and original way – to make it clear that this is a living room, not a bedroom or a lounge, and to do it in a extra ordinary way – to make it with decors that do not present in every house`s living room on your street. Avoid the boring carpet with stripes and the sets of small and big cups for the shelves – get a painting made by a new artist or make a photo collage with pictures on the wall in front of the sofa and the big table.

Minimalist living room decoration


Minimalist design and decoration of living room

Our last tip for your living room decoration goes like that – follow the outline. First, you need to decide what style will fit best to your living room – minimalism, Victorian, Baroque, country or hi-tech and then pick up the decors that brings the spirit of this style, as well.

Stylish living room decoration


Stylish living room decoration

Furthermore – the decors and ornaments in the living room should be suitable to the furniture, too. Let make us clear – colorful sofas and chairs suppose a lack of useless sumptuous decors. On the contrary, classic leather furniture on black, grey or white can be perfectly combined with vanguard and screaming decors in the living room.

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