Different configurations of a living room

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Different configurations of a living room



Modern home cinema system in the living room

The living room is a reflection of the house masters’ style. It is the place, where the owners and guests alike feel most comfortable. For this purpose, it is necessary that the colors, materials and decorations be chosen carefully, so as to be used for a prolonged period without becoming stale.
In order for the living-room to become a cozy place for conversations, the furniture placement and construction must be the first thing considered. They should provide above all comfort. If the home cinema system is meant to take a center place in the living room, its placement should be definitive of the rest of the arrangement plans. The screen should be placed so, that there will be no shadows falling upon it. The rest of the furniture should be placed according to the screen.

Modern living room lighting


White living room with modern lighting

In order for this room to be used for taking a breather and having conversations, as well as for having guests over, the furniture should be light and portable and the choice of lighting should be carefully planned out. It is best that the lighting is not from a single source, but is instead equally spread throughout the room. A way to achieve this is by building it in into a hung ceiling. Using wall lighting consisting of bracket lights or lampions is very suitable if you have a home cinema system.

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