Different configurations of a living room


Modern home cinema system in the living room

The living room is a reflection of the house masters’ style. It is the place, where the owners and guests alike feel most comfortable. For this purpose, it is necessary that the colors, materials and decorations be chosen carefully, so as to be used for a prolonged period without becoming stale.
In order for the living-room to become a cozy place for conversations, the furniture placement and construction must be the first thing considered. They should provide above all comfort. If the home cinema system is meant to take a center place in the living room, its placement should be definitive of the rest of the arrangement plans. The screen should be placed so, that there will be no shadows falling upon it. The rest of the furniture should be placed according to the screen.

Modern living room lighting


White living room with modern lighting

In order for this room to be used for taking a breather and having conversations, as well as for having guests over, the furniture should be light and portable and the choice of lighting should be carefully planned out. It is best that the lighting is not from a single source, but is instead equally spread throughout the room. A way to achieve this is by building it in into a hung ceiling. Using wall lighting consisting of bracket lights or lampions is very suitable if you have a home cinema system.

Comfortable living room furniture


Comfortable red furniture in the modern living room

It should not be forgotten that the living room space is designed mainly for peace and solitude. It is therefore important that comfortable furniture be picked out, which respond to the needs and way of life of the inhabitants. For a restful retreat of full value, it is preferable that the fauteuils be with a moveable backrests and the sofa – with elbow-rests. A small table near the sofa would be suitable for having breakfast, or the usual afternoon tea. If the area is limited, the sofa can have a moveable table shelf.

Living room with office


Living room with modern home office area

Part of the living room can also be used as a work office, if necessary. If you wish to do so, you must leave space for your personal computer. The possibilities for a compact computer desk and a compact computer are countless and sometimes only a small amount of space is required to situate everything necessary for working at home in the confines of the living room.

Living room with kitchen


Modern combination of living room with kitchen

The living room is usually a separate place, but the modern architectural tendencies often make it connected to the dining room or kitchen. This is convenient if aspiration devices are used. This room’s most important function is ultimately to be a place, serving as a restful retreat for the house masters, where they can feel comfortable and relaxed.

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