Victorian living room interior design


Luxury Victorian living room in black and red

Ladies and gentlemen, let us present you the most luxurious vision that one Victorian living room is able to create in front of your curious for new interior ideas eyes. This living room saves the atmosphere of past epoch but in a modern, unusual way that can blind us all. Living room in a Victorian style cannot be passed just like that, you will sit for a minute here, you will poor yourself a tea in a gorgeous in a tea service and you will forget about time and spend the whole day here – surrounded by the royal decorations and sheltered by a ghost from a very, very old time – the spirit of Victorian epoch.

Victorian living room furniture


Victorian living room furniture with golden ornaments

The Victorian Living room furniture   is rich, pompous and wealthy. They are made from polished teak or palm wood – stable and spending in the same time. Chairs are covered with supple damask – silk, thin leather or other soft textile that makes you feel really comfortable. Golden ornaments symbolize greatness and lordliness. They are delicately combined with the motives from the carpet down on the floor.

Green Victorian living room


Green living room in Victorian style

Floor, on the other hand in the living room, is mainly wooden parquet. Its mosaic brings some retro magic that brings us back in time where kings and queens ruled as the main figures in the society. Another wooden elements in the room are the frames. We find ebony framed double mirror that reflects the whole royal atmosphere in itself. Retro timepiece decorated with golden encrusted figures and although it is working time in this living room is stopped – here you really can enjoy your rest.

Victorian living room interior


Elegant Victorian living room interior

Ornaments, furniture and royal colors in the Victorian living room are florid and impressive but still the room is cozy and welcoming. Softness in the materials and shades attracts you and do not let you go. Every single element in the interior design is on its place so the little mess at the table is not even unpleasant for a critical eye. Monotonous and deadly dull landscape outside the window is attenuated by the incredible view inside the house, inside the Victorian epoch in the living room.

Victorian style living room


Victorian living room interior design

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