Minimalistic colorful living room


Luxury minimalist living room interior

Check this out – a brand new interior design idea for refreshing your home and infuse some awesome sparks in your daily routines. This minimalistic colorful room can bring the happiness back to your heart and soul and meanwhile it will impress all around you who dares visit and criticize your own home – it will impress even you, itself. By all means luxurious furniture, extravagant decorations and gay color scheme are all at right place creating fantastic sensation and harmonizing inside peace.

Minimalist colorful living room


Minimalist colorful Barbie living room

Pink is delicately combined with rich silver ornaments all over the elements in the living room. In addition to this, white pureness is collaborating with little pieces of pastel ornaments. Lighting is bright in order to emphasize every substantial decor and substitute the daylight in rainy November days or scary dark January nights.



White sofa in minimalist colorful living room

All in all, the whole living room is painter in white – with latex of high quality and durability. Nevertheless, pureness is shifted by the bright decorations and furniture. So, dull white flooring or hospital white walls are not going to spoil our mood. Instead, floor is covered with enormous modern carpet in pink with some original motives – big spots or letters. The contemporary conception of letter signs is preserved in the damask that covers the decorative pillows on the big cozy sofa.

Colorful living room


Minimalist luxury Princess Barbie colorful living room

Patterns of pillows are repeated in the curtains which finish the main idea for a colorful and extra ordinary living room interior design.
Furniture in this minimalistic living room is definitely not making a complete set. On the contrary – they look so different and inadequate next to each other. This diversity is substantially the charm in the interior design.

Sofa and armchair


White sofa and orange armchair in living room

Main sofa is classic, elegant and delicate, but the orange armchair is outlandish and attractive mostly with its plumes for a decoration. Next to it we, finally, see some retro disco stools in silver silky leather. Cyclamen decorative dog made from plastic or ceramic finishes the happy view of this non engaging interior design for a minimalistic colorful living room. Rest and break here are more than pleasant – they rousing.

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