How to equip the living room

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How to equip the living room by means of the small details


Living-dining room in green and white

If you have a large living room area and want visually divide it into two parts, then you can do this by using color. Thus can be separated wonderful areas. One option is a dining area to form with warm colors, and place around the fireplace or TV – with calm cool colors. However, if this is not equally possible dimensions of living room, then can be used furniture that can transform.

Folding table


Folding table in living room

For example, you can use a folding table, which on weekdays will not be noticed in the room, but weekends and holidays it can gather the whole family and any guests. In addition, besides the living room should be comfortable enough, it needs to be better organized. It is good you try more to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, full of lively, fresh, activating notes. Best effect is obtained when bringing more diversity, for example, if one of the walls is painted a different colour. Given that living room is separated visually and has a dining niche, a good design decision if you match its colour with the colour of the back of the alcove.

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