Cool modular leather sofas by Ditre Italia


If you are looking for “flexible” furniture that suits any-sized group due to its modular design elements then you may be quite interested in these modular leather sofas. They are a great interior open-concept decision for your home as they are able to create both functionality and style. It is one of these special design ideas that facilitate our ability to arrange things at ease with just a few steps. In fact the best thing is that you can actually built your own sofa by positioning the elements in a way that fits best your space. That is extremely helpful as each space is defined by our practical and aesthetic touch to it so modular design is giving you a chance to arrange pieces of furniture as we like it.

Cool modular leather sofas by Ditre Italia


It is really easy to delineate your seating areas with ease with these new cool modular leather sofas by the furniture company Ditre Italia. They characterize the modular design at its best so getting one of these will suit perfectly around your television, coffee table or fireplace. They are perfect especially for open spaces that need a little direction or tough-to-furnish home.

Modular leather sofas

Modular-leather-sofa-by-Ditre Italia

Modular elements of this asymmetrical sofa include two- and three-seater sofas, square and triangular footstools, a left- and right-handed chaise lounge, and a central, left- and right-handed single seater. The slanted cushions let you place the various elements in any combination to accommodate any-sized group, from a small one to large gatherings with the same comfort and style. They are dressed in supple leather and look ultra-luxurious so beware the fascinating impression they induce to the guests and your visitors. If you are interested, as we may expect, then go to Ditre Italia and find out more about this modern asymmetrical sofa design. Check it out and find out more about this great modular design.


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