Spectacular and eye catching living room centerpiece ideas

living room decor ideas centerpiece ideas spectacular chandeliers white sectional sofa

Interior design can be a tricky business. Of course, it should provide a comfortable environment for the occupants of the home. However, comfort needs to be wrapped in an appealing vision so that it is pleasing not only to the body but to the eyes. And here comes the difficult part – how to create a comfortable space with a great visual appeal and aesthetics? We have some living room centerpiece ideas which will transform your living room.


Awesome living room centerpiece ideas – the magic of light and fire

Living room centerpiece ideas living room designs ceiling design large chandelier

There is nothing more captivating than light. Light is not only a necessity, it can be a decoration. We will show you some living room centerpiece ideas featuring spectacular chandeliers which attract the attention immediately. Yes, a large chandelier will illuminate your living area but you can turn it into a conversational piece, especially if the chandelier is a part of a fascinating ceiling design.

 Living room centerpiece ideas stunning modern fireplace design

Why not focus the attention and the eyes of your visitors to another basic element –fire? A centerpiece in the living room doesn’t really have to be in the center of the room, does it? But it definitely has to be the main element and make a statement. Fire is one of those things. It combines light and warmth and has been a part of human life for thousands of years without losing its magnetic power. Take advantage of that and turn your fireplace into a living room centerpiece.

spectacular modern fireplace design idea interior focal point

 The fireplace is the focal point of the room

Modern fireplace minimalist living room design ideas

 A modern fireplace is an immediate eye catcher

Modern fireplace living room centerpiece modern living room interior

 The centerpiece in the open plan is the modern fireplace 

Living room centerpiece ideas fireplace contemporary living room design ideas

 Spectacular ceiling design as a centerpiece in the living room

Living room centerpiece ideas spectacular ceiling design luxury room

The effect of the large chandelier is doubled with a mirror wall

living room centerpiece large modern chandelier mirror wall

living room decor living room lighting ideas gold pendants

living room centerpiece spectacular large chandelier sofa set

classic living room decor chandelier centerpiece ideas


Living room centerpiece ideas – use the walls creatively

Ancient big wall clock living room centerpiece ideas living room decoration

In the gallery below you will see amazing living room centerpiece ideas. No, they do not feature furniture. They feature the walls of your home. Accent walls with creative designs, wall art which dominates and immediately make your living room different and unique. Art is the best way to express your individuality and create a fascinating centerpiece in traditional or modern interiors!

Wall art living room decor focal point modern intrerior

Living room centerpiece japanese decor accent wall sofa coffee table ceiling lights

Living room centerpiece ideas modern art living room focal point decor ideas

Living room centerpiece ideas stunning accent wall with lighting

Living room centerpiece ideas luxury living room accent wall leather sofa set

Living room centerpiece ideas living room design accent wall fireplace



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