Trendy living room wall colors for a fresh interior design

luxury living room neutral wall color

The key to perfect living room wall color is to combine heat with neutrality. Warm colors are inviting and give the living room a little more character than plain white walls. Good neutral colors means white, beige, chocolate and muted grays. The living room is the place where you can be a little more stylish. View the new trendy wall colors in the living room.

Warm living room wall colors –  chocolate shades

chocolate living room wall color

If your furniture is already mostly in neutral colors, add blue color for vibrancy. Blue living room wall colors are on the cooler side of the spectrum, which is perfect. Darker blue in a sunny living room can help to increase the space even visually. For a room with a lot of white or light-colored furniture you are considering a rich blue – ideal for creating a breezy, beach look. A deep, dark midnight blue looks good on the wall behind your TV.

Neutral gray living room wall color

gray living room wall color

Elegant blue wall color

elegant blue living room wall color

Beautiful sea blue in the living room

beautiful blue color living room wall color

The green color helps to create a visual connection between your living room and the garden lawn outside. It looks fresh and relaxing.

green living room wall color

green living room fresh wall color

Gold and yellow tones warm up the living room without the room appear too bright. This warmer living room wall color will help to accentuate your colorful cushions and pillows, while adding life in a room full of black and white furniture. So if you want to paint your walls yellow, consider a deep golden yellow or honey-mustard shades. Your living room is where you and your family spend time together. Decide which one of the trendy wall colors you will choose to create a mood in your living room.

sunny yellow living room wall color


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