Stylish Modern Loft by Iris Steinbeck Architekten

Contemporary Interior Design  in Berlin

Stylish Modern Loft - Living Room

This article is about a minimalist design rooftop apartment located in Berlin-Charlottenburg. The stylish modern loft is a creation of Berlin-based studio Iris Steinbeck Architekten who rely on a clean contemporary look for the project. The idea of the apartment’s interior design is to turn the place into a home for the modern family that provides comfort and relaxation by mixing everyday life with a touch of luxury.

 Stylish White with floor-high windows

White Stylish Loft High Windows

The stylish modern loft provides plenty of living space including an open plan living and dining room area with a kitchen, two bedrooms, a large bathroom and a separate guest lavatory. There is also a big terrace with an outdoor dining space and lounge area. All these rooms are united by an elegant contemporary design based on a modern color palette and new materials. The walls and ceilings of the stylish modern loft are painted white to set a clean neutral environment peculiar to Minimalism. The floors are covered with parquet, the wood giving the place a mild warm sense.

Spacious Living Room in the Modern Loft

Spacious Loft White Living Room

The color accents in the living area are represented by the fiery purple dining chair upholstery and some decoration. Another accent though of different character is the fireplace placed near the terrace. With the small bookcases and sitting area  around it it forms a warm cozy space that represents the relaxation corner of the stylish modern loft. Not far from it is the gathering area with a long curved sofa facing the whole living area.

The overall design of the elegant minimalist apartment is highlighted by its rich illumination. The abundance of sunlight during the day floods the interior thanks to floor-high windows and at evenfall the series of artificial lighting placed along the suspended ceiling brings this stylish modern loft calm and romance.

by K.H.Hristova

White Elegant Dining Room in the Loft

Clean Stylish Loft - Dining Room

Modern Loft Minimalist - Dining Room

Modern Elegant Loft - Coffee Table

Stylish Loft - Comfort and Relaxation

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