Small and Fresh Living Room Design Ideas

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Small and Fresh Living Room Design Ideas

If you have a small living room and a taste for bright fresh colors then you should browse these fantastic Living Room Design Ideas. They represent an energetic and lively environment with a genuine sense of joy and relaxation. Such spaces make you think of spring or summer time and turn everyday life into a celebration.

Small and fresh living room design and furniture

In such living room design ideas it is all about the coloring, the way all the elements in the space are mixed and matched. A fresh design implies the use of a lot of white and other light colors which will also make a small room feel larger. It is a good approach to leave the ceiling and walls white and use more color on the furnishing and decoration. The best color options for a fresh living room design are blue, green, orange and yellow. Cold blue and green color can be very pale and pastel for a mild spring atmosphere or brighter for a strong and vivid look. Warm orange and yellow can also be pale or intense creating accordingly a more calm or energetic environment. Pink can also be used for a fresh living room design idea, but it shouldn’t be too much or too intense unless you really favor it.

White fresh small living room idea

Small and modern living room furniture

To achieve a more interesting fresh living room design you can paint one or more walls in a different color depending on the effect you are looking for. Painting a single wall differently will make it act like a colorful accent for the room and painting all the walls requires a more neutral furniture or decoration choice.  Another living room design idea suggests using the influence of matching different color palettes, for example a cold wall color with a warm furniture one or differently colored walls. That approach will help you create a more out-of-the-ordinary and artistic environment.

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