Wooden Rustic Sofa by Riva of Italy

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Wooden Rustic Sofa by Riva of Italy

The ‘Utah’ Range – Fabulous Italian Furniture with a History

wooden rustic sofa riva brown

What a fabulous and unusual combination.  The ‘Utah’ sofa by Riva represents a very creative and up market approach to recycling.  This very contemporary wooden rustic sofa design has instant appeal on an aesthetic level but also due to its implicit historical associations.  The wooden elements of the rustic sofa design are in fact reclaimed and recycled timbers from Venetian lagoons.  Called Briccole, these timbers are used to mark the navigable channels through the lagoons.  Sitting in these world famous water ways the Briccole become eroded and encrusted with mollusks so, therefore, need replacing every 10 years.  The salvaged wood has a unique and appealing patina and sculptural quality.

Rustic sofa by Riva of Italy

Rustic wooden brown sofa

It is ‘art work’ made by the action of nature.  After treatment to preserve the timbers these are matched with pristine leather and then crafted into this extraordinary wooden rustic sofas.  The combination of the old and new material is visually exciting and highly sophisticated.  The notion of a wooden rustic sofa possibly doesn’t automatically relate to contemporary interiors but the ‘Utah’ sofa range is exceptional.  It is generous in volume and makes a powerful design statement.

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