A slice of purity – Modernistic white living room design ideas

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Many people interested in contemporary design follow the style’s tendencies throughout the years and there seems to be one feature in particular that never comes out of season. That element is white interior design and especially the white living room design that we love so much for it brings our home the perfect combination of purity, relaxation and light. To make the most of your own modern living room spaces seek inspiration from the white living room design ideas we sorted out for you and check out some of our beginner’s tips.

White living room design

A slice of purity - Modernistic white living room design idea

The most important matter to discus is the color palette for your new white living room design. Naturally, it relies mostly on white to maintain its simple clean look. The white color implies harmony and creates the feeling of a serene relaxing atmosphere in the enclosed living spaces. You can use it on everything in the room: walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, even decoration. That way you create most clean and airy environment that reflects light and looks more spacious and bright. Such room also implies a sense of order and tends to invite people in. If you like you can add some variety in the color palette by using other colors. You can use black or gray if you are a fan of the sterner neutral look, or some wood if you want to make the room warmer. Any other colors of your choice are also welcome, but put in mind that if you want to achieve the classic minimalist white living room design you have to use them sparingly. For example, use a colorful accent piece like a painted or clad wall, a carpet in front of the couch or a painting on the wall. Remember to keep most of the design simple and white and use other colors only as accents, to enrich the atmosphere of the place.

By K.H.Hristova

A slice of purity - Modernistic white living room design idea

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