Forward-looking black living room design ideas

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Forward-looking black living room design ideas

 Black living room design refers to a design that is dominated by black color. One such design can be very bold, having walls, floors, even ceilings all black, or just implying a more formal, neutral image. No matter the way the spaces are modeled the black living room design always has strong expressive impact.

Forward-looking black living room interior design

Black living room interior design ideas

The use of black can give one space a certain character. It depends how much of the color you use and where you put it, as well as what other colors you mix it with. When you want to create a black living room design first you have to decide what effect you aim to achieve. If your wish to have a place with a heavier feeling and you’re not afraid of too much darkness then you can include more black. Black walls and floors can frame the whole space and be combined with a black furniture set. A good choice for furniture would be leather for the lounge set and black-painted wood for the rest. The furniture may contain some metal elements and glass or glossy surfaces for a more elegant look. You can lighten up the space a bit by adding some white or silver, and you can make it look varied by using another color. As you know black is neutral so it goes with any other color of your choice.

Modern Black interior design idea

If you prefer your black living room design modestly dark you can choose a brighter look and combine black with white. The contrast between the two will make your place look modern and clean, without that feeling of gloom the all-black version represents. You just have to set the combination of the two colors that best suits you – a black frame(walls, floors) and white elements(furniture, decoration) or the opposite choice. Of course, you can do a mixture of both as long as it is balanced and not too chaotic. Take a look at some of the stunning black living room design ideas that we have gathered to enkindle your imagination.

By K.H.Hristova

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