The living room spaces

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The living room spaces


Living Room Spaces – Wall System Design

More space for the people, larger living room spaces. This is a requirement for the modern rooms, whether they are in administrative or residential buildings. All people want to have large living room spaces. There shall be collected the whole family. Living room should be the most spacious room in the house. Good design, selection of appropriate furniture and proper lighting can visually enlarge living room spaces. Light and space are characteristic of the modern rooms.

Living Room Spaces Interior Design

The furniture in the modern rooms are no longer bulky. They are lightweight and are only the wall shelves and several comfortable lounges with a small table. The project is designed with attention to detail and the furniture are lightweight, comfortable and offer peace and comfort. Dominance of white color makes the living room spaces bigger. He combined well with the classic black or bright colors like red, green and yellow. The glass more mass enters the interior of the modern rooms. It suggests sheerness and lightness of the room. The table and the shelves in the living room spaces are made of transparent or colored glass.

Living Room Spaces Minimalist Interior Design

Accents in bright colors bring diversity in the living room spaces and remove the sense of sterility. Small elements in orange, pink and red imported mood. In the modern rooms are often use furniture with natural wood color or neutral tones. The flooring is also a neutral color. Popular are also black furniture. Modern wall systems are very suitable for living room spaces. In modern rooms wall systems are preferred design element.

Living Room Spaces Modern Minimalist Interior


Living Room Spaces Modern Minimalist Interior

Typical for the living room spaces is simple, but effective equipment. The design in modern rooms is designed with a small number of functional furniture. They are designed with attention for detail and import a modern element in the home. The good lighting highlights the details. Lighting is an important part of the interior of the modern rooms. The beautiful lamp supplement the furnishings of the living room spaces and up a cozy atmosphere.

Text by Dani Alexandrova

Living Room Spaces Modern Minimalist Design

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